This Baby Syringe Channel is DISTURBING

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h3h3Productions - 3 yıl önce
Sorry for the bizarre orange wall and weird lighting changes, we're stuck in Israel for another week. Appreciate ya guys
ً - 16 gün önce
It’s all good
FreshSalmon - Aylar önce
Don’t lie we all know you work for buzzfeed now
Mike Minion
Mike Minion - Aylar önce
OMG!! The videos made me feel sick. This guy should definitely be in some sort of database.
My wife left me and my children don’t like me
Epic yo lol hahaha
ТрЙ БрАтЬя
ТрЙ БрАтЬя - 2 aylar önce
Blanca Millavil
Blanca Millavil - Gün önce
Hay que denunciar a todos los degenerados de mierda! 🤬🤬🤬🤬
Blanca Millavil
Blanca Millavil - Gün önce
Que mierda los videos que acepta YouTube! 🤬🤬🤬🤬
Brett Galloway
Brett Galloway - 3 gün önce
Lol who else saw the Ethan Bradberry roast in the subtitles? 😂
This man is a reason Society doesn't trust men to take care of children this man right here
XxdarkchiefxX 2
XxdarkchiefxX 2 - 5 gün önce
Seems like some how to basic shit almost
SunBro Bro
SunBro Bro - 6 gün önce
Idk why your wife seems wholesome AF
Ghostface - 6 gün önce
The 2nd video is genuinely unsettling. I’m on the verge of tears.
Im up for a new crusade
Im up for a new crusade - 6 gün önce
How anti-vax people think how vaccination works.
AGuyWithAHat - 7 gün önce
ElsaGate and all this crap is like the dark web side of YouTube.
spoopyjhope - 8 gün önce
Literally what the fuck is wrong with people and YouTube, there's hundreds of those channels yet YouTube doesn't do shit about them. Bunch of creeps
Luiz Figo
Luiz Figo - 9 gün önce
6:22 let's hope keem doesnt pick this one up ....
Luiz Figo
Luiz Figo - 6 gün önce
lmao he point blank calls someone a pedo "this guy fucks kids" ... He said it jokingly and I'm on ethans side.. but if keem used this out of context ethan looks just as bad as keem..
Green_thumb 3579
Green_thumb 3579 - 6 gün önce
Yeah and the things Ethan put up about keem was from 2015, what’s your point
Felipe M.
Felipe M. - 7 gün önce
@Green_thumb 3579 this was uploaded in 2017.
Green_thumb 3579
Green_thumb 3579 - 8 gün önce
Just thought the same thing😂 we’ll see it in a video in the next few days
just died
just died - 11 gün önce
Oh no what is Theodore's life gonna be like
Connor Leghy
Connor Leghy - 12 gün önce
imagine there kid watching this
Leif Akers
Leif Akers - 13 gün önce
Why is the kill bill sample so perfect for this situation
Kelly Welch
Kelly Welch - 16 gün önce
Oh god he makes them cry sound affects??Damn this dude is sick
Kelly Welch
Kelly Welch - 16 gün önce
Damn this shit is dark and I’m 2 min n..... lol Jesus what the??
Kalvin - 19 gün önce
I'm shocked
Dc Campillo
Dc Campillo - 21 gün önce
Why is she laughting so bad? ..
Steverman Chez
Steverman Chez - 21 gün önce
Kill Bill sirens lol
we wide
we wide - 21 gün önce
This baby ass syringe fetish makes me sy-cringe
hometownkids - 22 gün önce
Love the foreshadowing to Teddy. That vid was horrifying. Thanks H3H3
Daddy Thanos
Daddy Thanos - 25 gün önce
Getting American Psycho vibes from this
Gavin Collum
Gavin Collum - 28 gün önce
I'm laughing so hard my spine's gravitational force is squeezing my heart against my ribs.
Whoever This is
Whoever This is - 28 gün önce
YouTube promotes pedophiles 👍🏼
Purple Dipper
Purple Dipper - 29 gün önce
Just think for a second without these videos we wouldn't have these funny h3h3 videos
Stormtrooper 83
Stormtrooper 83 - Aylar önce
I know the world is a fucked up terrifying place....but I am always so freaking shocked....this shit is scarring to the soul
Lukass_ - Aylar önce
this guy is a menace to society
Humble Memer
Humble Memer - Aylar önce
0:08 When your custom character appears in a cutscene
Sarcastic Trash
Sarcastic Trash - Aylar önce
That man needs to go to church
Sarcastic Trash
Sarcastic Trash - Aylar önce
I don’t... I don’t understand. Why?
ROX!N - Aylar önce
7:58 - Baby Yoda prediction
Yummie mummiee baaabyxoxo
lmao this video is cursed.. This god forsaken video.. 😂 you just KNOW this guy is stinky af.. Smells like PURE EVIL.. like the plague.. Parmesan cheese, fish, and ass.😟😢😪 🐟 🐡🐟💩🐡💩🐟🐡
Yummie mummiee baaabyxoxo
When i was an addict, i woke up one day with 4 syringes bent in my leg, they were on my bed without the caps on. It was not good. Not cuddly and warm at all lol.. Ethan sayin that brought back AWFUL memories lol 😂😟
The Domestic Engineer
The Domestic Engineer - Aylar önce
I'm with hila, what are you making us watch! It's a nice reminder for us to watch what our kids are watching.
Poxie Fox
Poxie Fox - Aylar önce
I'd like to imagine Hila's dad just comes in and sees what their looking at
Yorkshire_Tea_innit - Aylar önce
That guy is definitely fucked in the head.
jaydasaybelle - Aylar önce
Please stop laughing you bitch
Danni Motionless
Danni Motionless - Aylar önce
So are you guys doing this with Teddy now or
C-IV - Aylar önce
Gutierrez - Aylar önce
This is simulated Hurtcore pedophila. Hurtcore is a fetish for baby pain
Horsepower - Aylar önce
I love baby butt syringe
ellobec - Aylar önce
In a good, clean world, maybe this guy is trying to make kids less afraid of needles for vaccinations, but I really really really really doubt it.
Trevor Eklof
Trevor Eklof - Aylar önce
What happened to like Mr Rogers and just innocent cartoons
A random Almond
A random Almond - Aylar önce
The disturbing thing is that someone probably gets off to this.
ً - 16 gün önce
I hate humanity
PathisNarrow - Aylar önce
kids want the pain from huge needles to be painfully normal
Master Balls TCG
Master Balls TCG - Aylar önce
esto es penal...
FreshSalmon - Aylar önce
I imagine he’s a paediatrician or something which is why he has access to needles and loads of baby toys. Which makes everything so much worse
Mish Wish
Mish Wish - Aylar önce
This is probably run for the cube
Ruby Tuesday
Ruby Tuesday - Aylar önce
Y’all just call everything a meme
Unstoppable Onion
Unstoppable Onion - Aylar önce
This is child fetish porn
Meemserelli - Aylar önce
Nope I hate this
Claudi Z.
Claudi Z. - Aylar önce
Giacomo Sutera-Sardo
Giacomo Sutera-Sardo - Aylar önce
Bro ur fkn hilarious man I always come back and watch ur old videos cause they’re gold
Hayden Boggs
Hayden Boggs - Aylar önce
DEFINITELY something you'd show your kid, right??? (I know damn well I wouldn't)
baba boeey
baba boeey - Aylar önce
i bet all the kids after watching this channel probably will never want to have a syringe near them
gheddi - Aylar önce
I feel like being put on a list just watching this shit
Trevor Hay
Trevor Hay - Aylar önce
Wait you mean this isn’t how shots are supposed to be administered? I gotta call my doctor.
Saladness - Aylar önce
When I grew up I watched Minecraft. What the actual fuck YouTube
Evan Drollinger
Evan Drollinger - Aylar önce
funniest shit ever.
The Real me
The Real me - Aylar önce
Why has God abandoned us

-pink guy
Mirai Nikki
Mirai Nikki - Aylar önce
This fucking planet is doomed, there's too much of those fricks out there on freedom
Renae Smith
Renae Smith - Aylar önce
She is odd
NewGenGaming - Aylar önce
This is fucking creepy I should stop my little nephew from watching this shit
Meaghan S
Meaghan S - Aylar önce
I feel so uncomfortable watching this
cold_rain - Aylar önce
I'm dead inside
Matty D
Matty D - Aylar önce
Nadav Keisari
Nadav Keisari - Aylar önce
What’s the song at the beginning lmao
Michelle Woods
Michelle Woods - Aylar önce
Y'all are sicken
Laura C.
Laura C. - Aylar önce
This chick is laughing and smiling the whole time... wtf
Christina Church
Christina Church - 27 gün önce
I was thinking the exact same thing.
Caroline - Aylar önce
I wonder what Ethan and Hila are letting their kid watch on youtube
Swagger catdog
Swagger catdog - Aylar önce
I wonder if has tried this on his kid yet
Clown Pal
Clown Pal - Aylar önce
Time to buy 8 more locks for my doors
capríus. - 2 aylar önce
I absolutely support witchhunts.
Cock Sammich
Cock Sammich - 2 aylar önce
It's like a more fucked up version of howtobasic
Corinne - 2 aylar önce
I was expecting to see a Garrett Watts video
aistis - 2 aylar önce
With that sirenge u could save live or some guy in a bad side of city could get wasted
Big Chungus
Big Chungus - 2 aylar önce
H3H3: “Why bother putting on nipples!?” God: “Jeez, sorry...”
Jake The Producer
Jake The Producer - 2 aylar önce
I’m atheist but this made me pray to god
Lars Ulrock
Lars Ulrock - 2 aylar önce
I wonder if ethan is doing this to theodore RN