7 Creepy Mysteries that Remain UNSOLVED

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Peter Van Burg
Peter Van Burg - 23 gün önce
I just want to know the girl on 0:24 to 0:29.
dumb thicc wizard
dumb thicc wizard - 26 gün önce
The narration is way, way too jazzy for talking about people being murdered a couple years ago
Yunhua Yiu
Yunhua Yiu - Aylar önce
Moazzam Ilyas
Moazzam Ilyas - Aylar önce
Gadhe ki oulad Pakistan Ka Naqsha kyu aesa show Kya?
Kailyn Clarke
Kailyn Clarke - Aylar önce
the sound is so hard to listen to why is it clipping
Basavaraj Hasabishettar
Basavaraj Hasabishettar - Aylar önce
Just bringing pending cases from police station doesn't become mysteries .....find some use full things other than these usual things
MrCrisp - Aylar önce
2:30 saw the picture (not seen before), looks like a posed body, hung from the neck or a frightened girl with her hands tied behind her back. Try standing bent like that and see where your arms go naturally, and there is an figure just to the right. Sadly, I suspect these girls were murdered, my condolences to the family. The narrator did not mention the failed attempts to access one of their phones.
Isabella Liwag
Isabella Liwag - Aylar önce
Okay so why put a pic of african people in reference to the black market? 1:03
ladycplum - Aylar önce
Whoa, very sibilant "S" sounds coming from you. Sounds like you're about to start speaking Parseltongue!
Optic Konspiracy
Optic Konspiracy - Aylar önce
1:03 this is kind of racist
Amay Rege
Amay Rege - Aylar önce
0:49 update your geographic knowledge
Jammu and Kashmir was and will be in Indian Territory
Wayne Miller
Wayne Miller - Aylar önce
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Sergej Gotfrid
Sergej Gotfrid - Aylar önce
Nobody :
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dumb thicc wizard
dumb thicc wizard - 26 gün önce
Why did you do this to me
edwin lucas
edwin lucas - Aylar önce
The world is full of mystery science can't explain
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Michael Dixon
Michael Dixon - Aylar önce
"She lies and says shes in love with him, cant find the Leatherman."
ladycplum - Aylar önce
*Rim shot*
Robert Klein
Robert Klein - Aylar önce
Lol. The words will forever be changed in my mind.
Melvin Barcenas
Melvin Barcenas - Aylar önce
Nice mic
Ian Kammerman
Ian Kammerman - Aylar önce
Please, pray for me, my best friends, Mahayleigh, Elli and my girlfriend, Amberly.
Ian Kammerman
Ian Kammerman - Aylar önce
WW - 06WA - Homelands Sr PS (1323)
I hope i won't get nightmares.....
Damarys Dingui
Damarys Dingui - Aylar önce
All of them were mysterious..
I hope one day some of these strange cases has been solved..
Thank you for sharing..💖
Mind Boggler
Mind Boggler - Aylar önce
Thank you
Chineygrace Tura
Chineygrace Tura - Aylar önce
I love this channel
Itsjoshua - Aylar önce
This Channel is so good. 👏🏻 Definitely worth following. 😊
Mind Boggler
Mind Boggler - Aylar önce
Thanks for the support
Richard Linn
Richard Linn - Aylar önce
Think I saw somewhere the reason for the tiny coffins was found.
Patricia Ann Bagwan
Patricia Ann Bagwan - Aylar önce
It's creepy😐
Patricia Ann Bagwan
Patricia Ann Bagwan - Aylar önce
It's creepy😐
HanShotFirst - Aylar önce
00:46 pretty sure that's Yoda. Episode IX sneak peek?
Brian H
Brian H - Aylar önce
The Dutch Students had already been solved. They took a detour from the main trail. One of the girls was taking a photo near a cliff, and fell down and broke her leg. The other went to search for help but got lost. She returned to her friend to take care of her until they could find help. Days passed and her friend eventually bled to death. The camera has many random photos of night skies (her trying to SOS with flash if helicopters passed by). She also took photos of trail marks she placed to keep track of where she's been. ETC. The last few photos on the camera were clearly more of her accepting she was going to die and were photos of her last messages if it were to be found. Both of the girls bodies eventually were eaten by animals and decomposed just to bones by the time they were discovered.
ZORZE TV - 3 gün önce
It's a murder lol, why? bcoz they're cute!😫
Papa Panzer
Papa Panzer - 15 gün önce
But why did the dog return back to the host family instead of following the girls
Cam - 20 gün önce
Yup, that is the overwhelming likelihood. Of course, the many internet "sleuths" can't accept deaths like that so they push a serial killer or murder theory based on some strange things, but with no actual evidence. They seem to think it was one of those killers that allowed their victims to use their phones the same time every day.
stella rowen
stella rowen - Aylar önce
@urvashi bora like The top comment says another TRvideos amateur solving cases.
urvashi bora
urvashi bora - Aylar önce
@stella rowen 😅😅😅😅😅😆😆😆
Joe Doing Random
Joe Doing Random - Aylar önce
This video has a lot of distortion with the letter "S".
Thedeneisha - Aylar önce
Minecrafter/PokeTrainer Dash
Me too
Capt Red Beard
Capt Red Beard - Aylar önce
Thought I was the only one
Dwanson sanju Longjam
Dwanson sanju Longjam - Aylar önce
So ever the killing is still continuing. the mysteries begin. And who cares the died one is the only lost.
Dwanson sanju Longjam
Dwanson sanju Longjam - Aylar önce
@cathy Larson ;(
Kole Ashbrook
Kole Ashbrook - Aylar önce
I'm pooping reeeeeeee
Real Story Animated
Real Story Animated - Aylar önce
Lots of issues remain mysterious. The killer always tries to hide it. Thanks for this great video
Kayla Jade
Kayla Jade - Aylar önce
Love this channel 😍❤
marvin asare
marvin asare - Aylar önce
@nea appolis heey
Nea Appollis
Nea Appollis - Aylar önce
Go away or I will report you and delete this comment now I will REPORT YOU
marvin asare
marvin asare - Aylar önce
@Nea Appollis naah not yet
Paugoulian Iian
Paugoulian Iian - Aylar önce
Who care
Thereza Gotladera
Thereza Gotladera - Aylar önce
muhammed abid kt
muhammed abid kt - Aylar önce
Hit like and read comments follows...😂
Leen Sleit
Leen Sleit - Aylar önce
I like ur channel