Hurricane Michael leaves nothing unscathed in hard-hit areas

Kristie Bentley
Kristie Bentley - 11 aylar önce
Coming in to finally be able to watch these news reports a month after the storm. I just have to say I appreciate you guys showing Port St Joe and Mexico Beach because it doesn't look like anybody else really showed the damage outside Panama City Beach. Thank you. As a resident that lives in Bayou George (just outside Panama City, more towards Callaway), I appreciate it. I want the world to know that more than just the beach took damage. I have tourists come into my store at work and say "It wasn't that bad huh?" Because the beach was up and running in a week. My home was without power for 19 days. I have neighbors that came home just to get their belongings and leave. I have friends who lost their homes, their jobs. The hospitals were pretty much shut down, and one just opened 100% back up. The eye wall came in Mexico Beach and Callaway and I was in the eye on 231. It was terrifying. Just again, thank you for the coverage.
mark palavos3
mark palavos3 - 7 aylar önce
It had to be kind of cool at tge same time.
Joker - Yıl önce
PYT29 - Yıl önce
I had NO IDEA this storm was as bad as it was!! MY GOODNESS, minutes from being called a Cat 5! Couldn’t imagine seeing this when the air cleared!! May God bless them! 90% of dwellings are destroyed that’s unreal! Thank Goodness that the flood waters subsided vs like Houston/ Harvey and Katrina/ NOLA.
May God bless them!!!!
TheProBush - Yıl önce
God's army...bringing a normal day in Gaza to USA
Rachel Kariuki
Rachel Kariuki - Yıl önce
Praying for you!
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Again and again and again: 95% or all the damage to homes and power-lines were caused by broad-leaf trees coming down while most palm-trees still standing and Florida Gov. still insisting on mandating home-owners to plant broad-leaf trees next to our homes ... terrible. This rule has to change FAST .... NOW!
Big Dee
Big Dee - Yıl önce
i blame do we ban god?
Kevin Eapen
Kevin Eapen - Yıl önce
American wooden homes. Americans totally ignorant about making homes capable against hurricanes, flood, fire or termite. Make better homes with concrete, bricks etc like in Europe and Asia.
theresa dirocco
theresa dirocco - Yıl önce
The winds up here in high point NC was loud Michael was no joke lost power thank god it came back on this morning
theresa dirocco
theresa dirocco - Yıl önce
Wow 😮 crazy praying for y’all
Lawrence Aransas Pass TX
Rode Hurricane Harvey out here, so I can say that you WILL recover, it's just that it will take time. The aftermath is the hardest part of the ordeal. But utilities will be restored and you will be amazed by the help of people that you don't know and will never see again. Keep the Faith!
Kristie Bentley
Kristie Bentley - 11 aylar önce
Thank you. It has been a month of recovery. We know that things will get better. The help of the neighbors has been so amazing. It has brought tears to many people.
Joel Yallup
Joel Yallup - Yıl önce
Not worth it
Mr. GTO - Yıl önce
Wood buildings were no match for 150 mph winds. They Must rebuild with
concrete / ABS and steel reinforced buildings. Including concrete
Brad Jennings
Brad Jennings - Yıl önce
Could this be the wrath of God?
um me
um me - Yıl önce
And now if it's not rebuilt lightening fast,, they will blame that on trump as well.
John Murray
John Murray - Yıl önce
justagirlsd 007
justagirlsd 007 - Yıl önce
The firefighters are paid for by taxes, this is SOCIALISM people! Do you think it's a bad idea still?
Vergil Lader
Vergil Lader - Yıl önce
this is what you get for bombing our schools
messiah rapture
messiah rapture - Yıl önce
I used to live in Florida. the people there of all color are very racist and love invoke the name of God. The schools and work place are very toxic with racism. These people like all USA seriously need to repent. God is showing love by removing them for love of worldly things so they can reach out to God. Otherwise they will miss rapture and enter the tribulation. Time to denounce fake Christianity and return to absolute righteousness. Rapture is sooner.
I am sorry for attacking the Florida panhandle
liz zey
liz zey - Yıl önce
Gee Omar, could you seem a little emotional/sad about the devastation instead of so shallow and robotic? At least news reporters in the past seemed moved by these tragedies... I miss Chet Hinkley, WaltercCronkite and Geraldo...they at least had some humanity to them...not like these shallow news casters of today, at least Geraldo Riveria seemed sorry for the victims.
Brenda Bryant
Brenda Bryant - Yıl önce
They need to go alfa fl. Family with children, need. , water
On the move
On the move - Yıl önce
jediscoobs - Yıl önce
is it true that the florida panhandle area has the lowest area as far as sea level??
Lionheart Roar
Lionheart Roar - Yıl önce
Those glasses are ridiculous
talin nalo
talin nalo - Yıl önce
J O - Yıl önce
Michael = beautiful clean coal
Get to 100 green energy ffs before these storms will get nation wide, by then it will be too late.
Lord Vader
Lord Vader - Yıl önce
Im predicting a lot of double-time... Just in time for Christmas.
Idylchatter - Yıl önce
Thank the stars above that climate change is a hoax.
Xx_Theimaginator_xX - Yıl önce
Damn Michael myers killed it for 2018
SEA BREEZE - Yıl önce
HAARP Machene. They need to quit playing with that damn thing.
Decimus Rex
Decimus Rex - Yıl önce
Climate change
Climate change
Climate change
Climate change
Climate change
Any questions?
4 ever
4 ever - Yıl önce
NOPE.climate change is an AL GORE theory and a LIE. Al gore stuffed his pockets with the cash he made from his theory.
J O - Yıl önce
Yeeeaaah beeeeauuutifuuuul cleeeeaaan coooooal 😶🙄
Syd cutter
Syd cutter - Yıl önce
Just like Hurricane Andrew but Andrew was 175 Mi sustained winds right over an Air Force Base just like this one coincidence
Melisa - Yıl önce
You live your whole life trying to get rich or gather wealth but it can all disappear in a blink of an eye.
muddavugger - Yıl önce
America can no longer pay for it's sins. John 3: 16~21kjv.
Leeann Sohrabi
Leeann Sohrabi - Yıl önce
this is sad
EMPOWERMENTalist - Yıl önce
I just hope that everybody affected by CAT 4.99 hurricane Michael made it out alive and well, especially those chose to hunker down and and brave out the storm.
Dan Woods
Dan Woods - Yıl önce
Trump will blame it on a liberal hoax....when Trump faces reality he denies it
Ricky Ticky
Ricky Ticky - Yıl önce
How much got ruined was it a
Whole town?
Joseph Adams
Joseph Adams - Yıl önce
It destroyed a 10th of the state put it that way
D Lee W
D Lee W - Yıl önce
More than one town: Panama City and PCB, Mexico Beach, Port St Joe, Apalachicola, and more...
Theresa Parsons
Theresa Parsons - Yıl önce
We all Prayed in the name of Jesus.! For every person
City town etc.
ShaRonda - Yıl önce
@Theresa Parsons ty
Daniel Turner
Daniel Turner - Yıl önce
Ha ha that's a joke it doesn't work
4 ever
4 ever - Yıl önce
Jerrymc 1975 Do you use oil when you pray? Have you repented from your sins before you pray. That helps.
Jerrymc1975 - Yıl önce
I pray for children who have cancer but apparently that doesn’t work
GADCL4 - Yıl önce
Why didn't the people simply pray to God to stop sending the hurricane and divert it to elsewhere instead? Do the people there not have enough faith? I once prayed to God to stop an earthquake which was making my house shudder a bit and, just 15 seconds later, it stopped. No damage. I think a few houses near the epicenter collapsed, but mine was perfectly ok, so I thanked God for saving me. I also heard what I was certain was a burglar outside my window in the bushes one night. I prayed to God to save me. Then there came a loud meowing noise from under my window. God had turned the burglar into a cat. You just have to be humble and have faith. Like me. If only the people of Florida did that, their lives and homes would be saved.
Dick Morhead
Dick Morhead - Yıl önce
GADCL4 I know you must have prayed for these people. Why did your prayers not work?
GADCL4 - Yıl önce
@Alterna Jars and Blades for Blendtec Blenders: Well, an all-loving, all-powerful, all-present God wouldn't send a destructive hurricane to ruin the lives of innocent faithful followers, would he? So it's only logical, given that god is all-loving, just, merciful, all-powerful and all-present, that the people of Florida were evil and/or lacking in faith and humility. Same reason why God gives some kids cancer and lets priests rape them.
GADCL4 - Yıl önce
@Charlie do: God prefers churches - they're more profitable. Just ask all the mega-rich preachers. they'll tell you.
GADCL4 - Yıl önce
@Terry Broussard: Then they either don't have enough faith or they are very evil people. Maybe that's why God ignored them and sent the major storm to destroy their houses. Or maybe they were having illicit sexual intercourse with invisible giants like the people when God sent that big flood one time to drown them all. Oh, well. As you say: you shouldn't judge them for their lack of faith and they evil ways and their unnatural sexual practices - that's what God's for. And hurricanes. I know he would have stopped it for me though.
Alterna Jars and Blades for Blendtec Blenders
It rains on the good and on the bad. The sun shines on the good, and on the bad too. Hurricanes and Tornadoes come in on the good and on the bad. Yes, true, faith, and prayer totally can have an impact and change weather or prevent catastrophe. But the MAIN KEY is what God's will is. And that is why 'they' also call such an event an Act of God, simply a disaster of great proportion. Maybe you are right, maybe people didn't pray enough. Maybe they did. How would you or anyone really know that? We can't assume that just simply because disaster comes in onto someone that it is because they are bad people or lack faith. In my opinion that would simply be too much potential misjudging. And we just don't have that knowledge. Key is "God's will". And yes, sometimes he wants these things to happen for His purposes, all leading up to good again, to make us better, to remember Him again. You can even say the Hurricane was a blessing, it's bringing people together. But certainly we must never forget to have compassion with everyone and never assume because someone gets sick, hurt, or experiences bad things that it is because that person deserved it or didn't have enough faith. Caution please!
Lucky  Thomas
Lucky Thomas - Yıl önce
My heart goes out to all affected by this Hurricane Michael prayers and thoughts to families and love ones God bless you all from Texas
Lisa Loves
Lisa Loves - Yıl önce
RED FLORIDA AREA WAS ATTACKED WITH WEATHER ENGINEERING, WAKE UP ! Destroying Trump voters lives by enemies within. This is Terrorism .
Big Dee
Big Dee - Yıl önce
i blame do we ban god?
Joann Bowden
Joann Bowden - Yıl önce
Thank you. My sister lost her home & my 85 y/o mother can't get to her house to see the condition of hers, but with all the trees around it, I doubt it's gonna be good.
Hot Sas
Hot Sas - Yıl önce
Puerto Rico wishes Trump well.
Terry Broussard
Terry Broussard - Yıl önce
Hot Sas These people aren't the President. Be careful. ur trampling on innocent blood.Hurricane season isn't over yet. Show some love b4 u end up regretting this.
Realistic - Yıl önce
American Air force destroying poor countries
Door Mouse
Door Mouse - Yıl önce
Hit watch by mistake. I do not trust fake news even with hurricanes.
Robin Cramer
Robin Cramer - Yıl önce
Grow up.
Stella Rodriguez
Stella Rodriguez - Yıl önce
Believe it or not Puerto Rico will be helping Florida. Survivors are better equipped to help victims. My prayers are with the people of Fla.
Robin Cramer
Robin Cramer - Yıl önce
Lol I have yet to see that happening.
Liliana Oria
Liliana Oria - Yıl önce
Who s the most helping here with lowest income .....latinos helping clean the cities....most of them undocumented....sad but reality
Omar knows who rules us.
Useless - CBS cant even get 3 thousand views after being up for hours. CBS is a garbage. I prefer real news.
Charlie do
Charlie do - Yıl önce
Garbage is in somebody's brain
Zalo - Yıl önce
Its at 13000 view now 🙄
Robin Cramer
Robin Cramer - Yıl önce
Then why make a comment?
full fupa
full fupa - Yıl önce
stainlessea - Yıl önce
@1:40 the boat is on it's trailer not pushed on shore !
Marie Hall
Marie Hall - Yıl önce
I'm moving to Florida also
Joseph Adams
Joseph Adams - Yıl önce
Albert Nail yea keep put
2 Turnt
2 Turnt - Yıl önce
Marie Hall we don’t need anymore cans
Rea Lachney
Rea Lachney - Yıl önce
You suck.
Tesfahiwet Tekle
Tesfahiwet Tekle - Yıl önce
Terry Broussard
Terry Broussard - Yıl önce
Tesfahiwet Tekle It's ALWAYS dangerous to play GOD. The whole country needs to repent; not just Florida. Let GOD judge. HE expects us to pray for them. HE doesn't need anyone to HIS job. HE'S well able to handle anything that comes up. Stay in ur lane and pray as if u were praying 4 urself and ur own fly. if it was the reverse, u wld appreciate righteous prayers instead of harsh words.
Realistic - Yıl önce
American Air force destroying poor countries GOD AIR FORCE DESTROYING AMERICA
full fupa
full fupa - Yıl önce
Suck one
nibot kram
nibot kram - Yıl önce
I’m moving to Florida
Margui622 - Yıl önce
Be ready to prepare yourself to endure horrible traffic if you will move to South Florida. To make sure your house has accordion shutters and depend what area are you living to evacuate when a hurricane approaches. I hope you will not get tired of the eternal summer of this state.
David Brink
David Brink - Yıl önce
It's fun actually
Mike Btrfld
Mike Btrfld - Yıl önce
California pays more in federal taxes than any other state. California taxpayers bail out hurricane damage every year.
jediscoobs - Yıl önce
@Mike Btrfld CA is notorious for lining their own pockets or making themselves look good. I feel sorry for anyone who lives there because of how unbalanced the system is. The rich get richer...blah blah blah.
jediscoobs - Yıl önce
@Joann Bowden that's ironic. This is how it is in government. Some wanna help, but more don't.
jediscoobs - Yıl önce
@mrsfivepip you're right, it shouldn't be, but even destruction, devastation, and death is always measured in dollars. 😔
Mike Btrfld
Mike Btrfld - Yıl önce
@jediscoobs brilliant! Yet California federal taxes pay for hurricane cleanups every year. As well as foodstamps in Trump country.
jediscoobs - Yıl önce
??? I've never heard of any hurricanes hitting CA. Were they have high priced hurricanes??
James Wray
James Wray - Yıl önce
The ground was not shaking. Bad reporting.
full fupa
full fupa - Yıl önce
Beau Larson
Beau Larson - Yıl önce
An uprooted tree hitting the ground would definitely be felt by those nearby.
Mike Btrfld
Mike Btrfld - Yıl önce
Yes your reporting is bad. I felt it shake.
Greatest Ever
Greatest Ever - Yıl önce
chick EASTWATER - Yıl önce
Greatest Ever yah MAKE US !! Weather Manipulation at its best - peoples worst - Whats a space force for ?? Mm hmm Weather Control - from all the private & other countries that have & use this OLD technology
Greatest Ever
Greatest Ever - Yıl önce
@full fupa make me!
full fupa
full fupa - Yıl önce