Vile Food Sends Gordon STRAIGHT TO THE BATHROOM | Kitchen Nightmares

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1000 subs with no videos S - 58 dakika önce
That broken record thooo
musima41 - 58 dakika önce
I feel like vomiting
LilChefBoyardees - 59 dakika önce
*Finally... some good fucking food*
Bob George
Bob George - 59 dakika önce
6:04 I’m saved
lickitysplitz1 - Saatler önce
who microwaves fresh food...ridiculous !!!
Jacob Wiles
Jacob Wiles - Saatler önce
What episode ?
TEDX700 - Saatler önce
3min already breaking shit
Kermit The Plug
Kermit The Plug - Saatler önce
This ain’t it chief
Death Frezzy
Death Frezzy - Saatler önce
Isn't this the same restaurent where gordon ramsay found a dead rat at entrance
Kyle Moe
Kyle Moe - Saatler önce
Laila, The raccoon
Laila, The raccoon - Saatler önce
“I’d like to pray to... NINO
Zeikosis - Saatler önce
#1 on trending ayy
Jessica Enriquez
Jessica Enriquez - Saatler önce
Mac and cheese is a staple of soul food! If it ain’t got the skin it ain’t right!!
Silent_ Queef
Silent_ Queef - Saatler önce
Finally some good fucking food
Like if you know where this meme is from
Jessica Enriquez
Jessica Enriquez - Saatler önce
Awwww mother marry is stinkin adorable
lamajol - Saatler önce
1 on trending
Mining Kitten01
Mining Kitten01 - Saatler önce
I wish Ma Mary was my granny
JoeyNutellaNoSpoons - Saatler önce
#1 on trending? Must be a raw fucking jar of lamb sauce...
Mutated Skrewel
Mutated Skrewel - Saatler önce
How the hell is this #1 on trending
Matrix55 - Saatler önce
The meme originated here
playdoh eater
playdoh eater - Saatler önce
Ewan McColl
Ewan McColl - Saatler önce
Finally some good fucking food
Dabrien Williams/Hacker Cat
Dabrien Williams/Hacker Cat - Saatler önce
4:45 Hahah. But please no cursing please.
Danny Tep
Danny Tep - Saatler önce
That NINO at the end 😂😂
Pee Diddy
Pee Diddy - Saatler önce
Oh mawgaw
Dabrien Williams/Hacker Cat
Dabrien Williams/Hacker Cat - Saatler önce
He realy does look like my band teCher.
Gordan Ramsay
Gordan Ramsay - Saatler önce
This episode is so old
EmilyWolfy235 - Saatler önce
thank jesus for mother mary 😂💕
Hierex Toriex
Hierex Toriex - Saatler önce
Its not that the food sucked..its coz ramsey is very wealthy and his used to eating rich mans food..which is lobsters and caviar...etc..its like if u grew up in new york and used to eating newyork deep dish pizza then oneday u travel to idaho and stop at a pizza place and eat same pizza dish..its same pizza and maybe same ingredients but cooked i believe its a culture and taste thing
Diller - Saatler önce
4:29 lol
Juliana Nicolaievna
Juliana Nicolaievna - Saatler önce
I one time got mac and cheese at a restaurant and I said almost exactly what he said. Wth?
Bland and mushy. (And cold)
(P.s. worst mac and cheese I've ever ate. I've had better from a box.)
Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman - Saatler önce
The thumbnail made me Laugh And gag a bit😂😂😂😂 I thought it was poop!
Sonicpcw Plaze
Sonicpcw Plaze - Saatler önce
At the end “ before I do taste them, I’d like to pray to NINO!!!”
Jessica Enriquez
Jessica Enriquez - Saatler önce
Man the thumbnail looks like turds on a plate
Dabrien Williams/Hacker Cat
Dabrien Williams/Hacker Cat - Saatler önce
Of course this is number 1 teending.
Why couldn't it be a meme?

This I S a meme....
Skycharge7 - Saatler önce
EWWW so nasty....... 🤢🤢🤮🤮😵
1)plz sub
2)plz like
3)plz comment
I Will Do The Same Thing :)
Ju.Official - Saatler önce
Trevor Hockman
Trevor Hockman - Saatler önce
Who’s watching this while it is #1 trending?
Meg#Slay - Saatler önce
Thumb nail looked like shit on rice with a coat of piss 🤤🤤🤤.
Stephan Tarnawsky
Stephan Tarnawsky - Saatler önce
Where the fuck is her hairnet
Marty McFly
Marty McFly - Saatler önce
"We may have put it in the microwave for 1 minute, but it's only one minute" and then "we cook everything to perfection"....LMFAO
MemeDealerDavid - Saatler önce
#1 trending. Why
Faze Peñe
Faze Peñe - Saatler önce
I would digest this if I could acquire a copy of despacito 3 on Blu-ray so I could pray
PurpleMinion Pink
PurpleMinion Pink - Saatler önce
Ew I’m nauseous 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢
Lonley Cowboy Blogs
Lonley Cowboy Blogs - Saatler önce
Who else thought the thumbnail was Gordon's shit
Giraffe of the Savanah
Giraffe of the Savanah - Saatler önce
6:05 Ah yes, our lord and saviour.
Tom Sid
Tom Sid - Saatler önce
WTF are those doritos?
BarbieKellyJune - Saatler önce
Omg I'm sorry but there food looks terrible as fuck..
Bubbas Ernie
Bubbas Ernie - Saatler önce
Did they legit bring those collard greens out to Gordon with Doritos in the dip?
Emily _S
Emily _S - Saatler önce
The thumbnail at first looked like poop XDD
Foghorn Leghorn
Foghorn Leghorn - Saatler önce
If he had ordered fried chicken, cornbread, watermelon and kool-aid this would be a nonissue.
Gamer Guy22
Gamer Guy22 - Saatler önce
Bruh number 1 on trending
SuperSaiyaMan - Saatler önce
Those Chitlits...look like cat shit.
massimo saputo
massimo saputo - Saatler önce
Uncle Rick
Uncle Rick - Saatler önce
*looks for Morgan lemon and Justin.Y comment*
rapinator - Saatler önce
"Chitlets? Shitlets" 😂😂😂
Gary Bettes
Gary Bettes - Saatler önce
Pray to nino!!!!! 😂😂😂
Black Bird Productions
Black Bird Productions - Saatler önce
Y'all ever think Gordon Ramsay ever ate ass and called it bland?
Skycharge7 - Saatler önce
I Will Do The Same Thing :)
McLipFi - Saatler önce
Shit look like planet fitness
Gavin Guajardo
Gavin Guajardo - Saatler önce
🅱️ordon 🅱️ramsay
Dan Kim
Dan Kim - Saatler önce
5:08 that’s the devil’s laugh. There aint no Jesus in the kitchen
Lucas Reynolds
Lucas Reynolds - Saatler önce
“Finally some good fucking food”
Tanner Q
Tanner Q - Saatler önce
Also last night I went on a Ramsy binge and now this is number 1 on trending, cowincadince I think not.
Mystery Man
Mystery Man - Saatler önce
Going to the bathroom after eating tacobell, and then this
S 410
S 410 - Saatler önce
The third dish looks like shit
JazzyJ10101 - Saatler önce
I honestly thought they would have over seasoned the food instead of having it bland.
TheGhost of JohnMordaunt
TheGhost of JohnMordaunt - Saatler önce
The thumbnail looks like something that I find in my polecat's litter box
EdgeAL - Saatler önce
Finally something good for #1 trending!
NIELS Lemmens
NIELS Lemmens - Saatler önce
Kevin  Juice
Kevin Juice - Saatler önce
That Thumbnail Looks So Nasty 🤢🤢🤢
Hello Lynn
Hello Lynn - Saatler önce
Look at my man aging😣😣
g p
g p - Saatler önce
This is authentic soul food. Gordon doesn't have a qlue this is not his culture
J P - Saatler önce
Damn son👶🏿👀 i would 👅slurp😏 that food like a 🍜noodle🌽 any day📅 *yummy yummy* give me some🙏🏻. 4:05
tHaT oNe GuRl
tHaT oNe GuRl - Saatler önce
Awh bless that grandmas soul, she’s so cute and the way she reacted to when he said that her cake was delicious 😫❤️
Bas Hamers
Bas Hamers - Saatler önce
6:04 Before I do taste them I would like to pray to NINOOOO IM DEAD😂😂
Daniela Ocampo
Daniela Ocampo - Saatler önce
It’s number 1 trending😊
Candice Lee
Candice Lee - Saatler önce
Yuck 🤢
Tanner Q
Tanner Q - Saatler önce
Fudgeing thumbnail looks like a pickle penis.
Timothy Bernstein
Timothy Bernstein - Saatler önce
Both trending #1 & #2 are dealing with restaurants.

*Q* *U* *A* *L* *I* *T* *Y*
Ghost CAT
Ghost CAT - Saatler önce
The thumb nail looks like a Toad took a SHIT
Seth Lewis
Seth Lewis - Saatler önce
Subscribe to my channel!! Plz:)
Diana Monterroso
Diana Monterroso - Saatler önce
That red relvet cake looks gooooood
Mister Cinnabar
Mister Cinnabar - Saatler önce
I think Gordon Ramsay smokes too much.
Which is why he can't taste no shit.
Nicki M
Nicki M - Saatler önce
It looks nasty
Jax 1910
Jax 1910 - Saatler önce
This looks super gross
Raul Ybarra
Raul Ybarra - Saatler önce
Chitlis look like when i get drunk and throw up
Fivsy - Saatler önce
“I’d like to pray to NINO” this editor is seriously the best 😂😂
Saint Zeppelin
Saint Zeppelin - Saatler önce
Finally some good trending content
AdvancedMotion Studios
AdvancedMotion Studios - Saatler önce
Keep on dreaming
Silent Owl12
Silent Owl12 - Saatler önce
*this is scripted right?....Right? She's really this insane????????*
Sportz Reactz
Sportz Reactz - Saatler önce
I thought those were leaches in the thumbnail
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith - Saatler önce
Modern BoreFare
Modern BoreFare - Saatler önce
HOOD Basement 4 Radio
HOOD Basement 4 Radio - Saatler önce
this a joke.
Sylas Thurman
Sylas Thurman - Saatler önce
Before I do taste them I’d like to pray to NINO
Noah Hanley
Noah Hanley - Saatler önce
Everyone, make sure to pray to Nino that he will clean underneath your tables and around your chairs and stools every morning.
Shopow - Saatler önce
Before I do taste them, I'd like to pray to *NINO!!*
Bruce Alrighty
Bruce Alrighty - Saatler önce
Why'd you have to show the outcome of his bathroom session in the thumbnail though?
Bigmacmovies1 - Saatler önce
Is the thumbnail the aftermath?