It's Time to Stop TechRax

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Cookiesnmemes - 3 gün önce
He’s the kind of guy who smashes statues in graveyards
BIG GEAR RACING - 9 gün önce
got him
Anthony Coronado
Anthony Coronado - 10 gün önce
TechRax is a phone experiment
ItsHxdi - 10 gün önce
Why are you judging him it's his channel you stupid dumbass I am disliking this vid
T - 12 gün önce
Best series ever “EXPOSED” gOnE SeXuAl
This guy is the definition of rich.
What a show off.
SHYMONEY 22 - 21 gün önce
The first YouTube video I liked
StarChild - 23 gün önce
love me some warm and flat coke
paradise birb
paradise birb - 24 gün önce
Techrax is the exact opposite of MrBeast
Skullz_ Jdizzle
Skullz_ Jdizzle - 24 gün önce
My ps4 broke so now I’m mad that he broke it
Kyle Philpott
Kyle Philpott - 26 gün önce
Spends an occasional 6,000 on coke products😜 silly
Alex Polisky
Alex Polisky - 28 gün önce
What did they think would happen when they threw the mentos in? The entire thing would blow up?
Gabe EstradaTV
Gabe EstradaTV - 28 gün önce
I didn’t need a reminder that Spider-Man and Elsa existed
Rafal Plackowski
Rafal Plackowski - 29 gün önce
4 × 2l botles = 1 gallon? 😂🤣
xWrizzla L
xWrizzla L - Aylar önce
I know im late to the Party buuuuuuut just wanna say that this drone Part actually made me pretty angry. I mean people put work into this stuff.... Jesus Christ what a dumb Idiot.
Matt Potato
Matt Potato - Aylar önce
I clicked on the video just to say that I have the exact same pool as in the thumbnail
M1CHAEL [*-*]
M1CHAEL [*-*] - Aylar önce
17hrs to put 3000 bottles of coke into 1 swimming pool it should have not took him that long
Jangles - Aylar önce
What I'm guessing is he bought the syrup that fast food places get and just put it in their pool water, wouldve been a lot easier, and for the little fizz, im guessing he put a couple bottles of carbon dioxide in there, maybe sodastream type shit
Eli Rez
Eli Rez - Aylar önce
It's gotta be freshly opened
JCglitchmaster - Aylar önce
How would you even empty that
georgex231 - Aylar önce
it wasn't coke.. maybe was a color dye in water
You snort the D snot of dirty Richards
2:21 no, it doesn't have to be diet. I think nothing happened because the pool was like 90% water.
Zoroaste - Aylar önce
So dumb. Who watches that stupid shit.
Our next generation, the people who were raised on this shit, they're fucked.
luv remy
luv remy - Aylar önce
i wanna do this with some actually coke
Lareland Cooper
Lareland Cooper - Aylar önce
I know I am 3 years too late but Ethan totally should've filled a pool with cocaine as a response. Missed opportunity.
Toy chica fan 08
Toy chica fan 08 - Aylar önce
I watch techrex and I love when he put an iPhone in rubber so satisfying and you know what just buzz off
Chickenwingflop - Aylar önce
The amount of time should be divided by the number of people helping
Cam Smith
Cam Smith - Aylar önce
9.9 million views
Tyler Twinem
Tyler Twinem - Aylar önce
I want to hate this snitch ethan so bad. But it's so hard
dylan wilkie
dylan wilkie - Aylar önce
I hate this guy!!!!!!!
JnsKage - Aylar önce
You act like he must've did it bye himself. He probably had lots of people do it instead of just himself
Absolute Raccoon
Absolute Raccoon - Aylar önce
I bet techrax is burning and looting places rn
Ysgramor Rei do Norte
Ysgramor Rei do Norte - Aylar önce
8:56 yo what the fuck ethan why did you have to do this to brazil dog
Fishing Mayhem
Fishing Mayhem - Aylar önce
They probably bought a bunch of coke syrup and mixed it with hose water and then poured in the bottles to make it look like they did
Joseph Peters
Joseph Peters - Aylar önce
You forgot Ethan he probably had friends helping him pour the coke in. Let’s assume he had 3 friends helping. This would have taken about 4 hours and with shifts that would have been very manageable
Dakota - Aylar önce
Like. How tf you think he drains this stuff out the pool after. Just releases it into the grass/neighborhood 😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️
Ducky - Aylar önce
Rich Lax = Tech Rax

Azgothe Defiler
Azgothe Defiler - Aylar önce
I would have enjoyed the coke video more if he jumped naked .. would have loved to see his reaction when all that fizzy Coke gets into his ding dong and his ass
Colton Curry
Colton Curry - Aylar önce
How have I never seen this 😂
Juanita Lewis
Juanita Lewis - Aylar önce
Im actually starting to feel bad for the poor drone that poor baby😣😢😭😭😭😭😭
James Kuykendall
James Kuykendall - Aylar önce
This was the video that got me hooked on h3. I am forever in debt for all of the goofs and gafs this channel has given me.
ZendovGaming - Aylar önce
i was the exact 10 millionth view.. epic.
StringTheory - Aylar önce
Hard to watch stuff like this get destroyed. Some who doesn't make a lot of money who understands the value of a dollar... I hate this shit.
Archie Allen
Archie Allen - Aylar önce
8:56, guess we found who started the fire
RHETT BELL - Aylar önce
He had a drone
k3y0f4nark - Aylar önce
Shrek Chicken
Shrek Chicken - Aylar önce
What is he even wearing on his head.
therealCrazyJake - Aylar önce
Okay, so the real reason that Diet Coke is preferred is because it’s not sticky like regular Coke, not necessarily because it yields better results.
Elijah - Aylar önce
Great for your skin.
salvador gomez
salvador gomez - Aylar önce
Memebusters should have been a YouTube Red original show.
Blake Walker
Blake Walker - Aylar önce
A pool of Coke? Yuck.... You couldn't pay me millions of dollars just to get into a kiddy pool of Coke.... The thought of it gives me the chills.

P.S. I feel bad for the technicians, game developers, etc. So much disrespect...
angrysodacanz - Aylar önce
he acually burned the forest
Dante Muzzi
Dante Muzzi - Aylar önce
Your rich but your still fucking ugly. What song is that from?
Loggn - Aylar önce
but drones are GAY BONES.
Jenalei Fifita
Jenalei Fifita - Aylar önce
Yeah whenever I see those videos on my recommended I just scroll past it.
Kelly Welch
Kelly Welch - Aylar önce
I agree this is just stupid and pisses me off that this lil prick has more money than sense, come on man shit is boring/dumb
spaghetti with tomato sauce
Many other YouTubers do this shit too. I hate it. You could've used that money and effort to provide people in need. To help poor children get a normal life and proper education. To help sick people get cured. Or to help the environment. To stop deforestation. To do MANY OTHER HELPFUL AND GOOD THINGS. But no. They gotta get those views! They gotta waste so many money and time just to get those eight year olds attention!
jenna baker
jenna baker - Aylar önce
this is like mr. beast’s sadistic brother
Log - Aylar önce
he never had ted in his video😔
Evan Samano
Evan Samano - Aylar önce
At least Plainrock is actually entertaining , Plainrock isn’t boring😂
Evan Samano
Evan Samano - Aylar önce
Shea's Sea ur right, I don’t, imma 9th grader. I focus on boxing… not women😂
Shea's Sea
Shea's Sea - Aylar önce
Evan Samano A Switch Lite? You have no idea how to treat a lady
My Kicks
My Kicks - Aylar önce
He's slowly comitting suicide
Sarcastic Trash
Sarcastic Trash - 2 aylar önce
Be his dad
rees- - 2 aylar önce
what are you talking about h3 I love this guys channel.....

no1 ever says...
haha got him.
Dangelo pitcher VLOG'S !!!!!!!!!!
Funny thing is microwaveing GTA 5 now would cost $5 second hand
Cornelius Cassius
Cornelius Cassius - 2 aylar önce
we had to do a math problem in school from this video. We had to calculate how big the pool was or some shit
chip chrome
chip chrome - 2 aylar önce
I'm here from that too :-(
Gibson 36
Gibson 36 - 2 aylar önce
McDonald's gets their coca cola in a giant tank (it's the only soda there that doesn't come in a bib because they use so much) and the tank is filled through a hose from a Coca Cola truck that comes a few times weekly. So he'd have to hire one of those trucks to do this efficiently and realistically.
ok 237
ok 237 - 2 aylar önce
Away in Jan me
Michael D.
Michael D. - 2 aylar önce
H3 I love your vids but I have to say it dose not have to be Diet Coke people use Diet Coke so it’s not as sticky
Junnelo Santos
Junnelo Santos - 2 aylar önce
Dont stop
Blight - 2 aylar önce
Anomaly in a pool of beer......
WrathMachine - 2 aylar önce
I think this little jew’s math is off
Lowland Panda
Lowland Panda - Aylar önce
@WrathMachine yes defending Jew is now a simp
WrathMachine - Aylar önce
@Lowland Panda shut your mouth simp
Lowland Panda
Lowland Panda - Aylar önce
It's a joke u cretin
CAMARA MAN - 2 aylar önce
And people get mad at Casey...
Mad Man FL
Mad Man FL - 2 aylar önce
It would've been cool to see them throw mentos in a real working diet Coke pool
Miguel Chacón
Miguel Chacón - 2 aylar önce
A pool of *pure coke*

[Rapidly speaking]
Woo yeah, still got 1250 lines to go
KAKA CREAM - 2 aylar önce
Fill a pool with bleach to see if it cures the Coronavirus
Saqqaq - 2 aylar önce
about 1 in 10 people disliked this video. Why, exactly?
Canoes1 - 2 aylar önce
im not tryna defend this dude but lets say he did actually pour all that coke in there and
there could have been multiple people there helping and everyone has 2 hands.
on the recording you see 2 people but he could have had others helping him
which means 17h / x (x = the number of helpers that used 2 hands to pour)
oh yeah that also would have cost like tens of thousands of dollars (matters where you buy it)
She Got No Hips
She Got No Hips - 2 aylar önce
Imagine how flat that soda would be. Mentos react with the carbonation of a new coke to make the explosive results people expect.
Luke The Epic
Luke The Epic - 2 aylar önce
I can't believe he forgot to put some kind of sauce on the game before he microwaved it, what a lowlife.
Dylone Basarab
Dylone Basarab - 2 aylar önce
Even if that was real it would cost $18,900