2 Chainz and Mark Cuban Check Out the Most Expensivest Horses | GQ & VICELAND

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Sonny JW
Sonny JW - Gün önce
Good video but the editor was somewhat cringey, guess it’s just American humour tho
TheOneTrueLeaf TheOneTrueLeaf
"2 chains and 3 comas", im deax
Christopher Villagomez
Christopher Villagomez - 3 gün önce
Song at 4:18?
Don't read my profile Picture
The best editor in the world
Justin - 5 gün önce
4:18 🛸

alfonso ramirez
alfonso ramirez - 12 gün önce
Mark Cuban "This is a loss" his 100% right!
Joe Smith
Joe Smith - 16 gün önce
Who else thinks Mark is definitely HIGH???????
John Roman
John Roman - 20 gün önce
The editing on these is so unreal. Like editing has to be amazing for a pleb like me to notice haha.
Emma Isabella
Emma Isabella - 26 gün önce
Many singers are used the site *AUTHENTIC V I E W S D O T C O M* for views, but i'm not sure that 2 Chainz used it or not.
Miss Buddha
Miss Buddha - Aylar önce
A horse is NOT just a horse they are you’re friend you’re buddy they rely on you. I love my horses so much and I would give my life to care and protect them as I would with my dog.
Aristocrat Jules
Aristocrat Jules - Aylar önce
The edits have on these expensivest videos are the best!!!!
Mygarrett Martin
Mygarrett Martin - Aylar önce
Kinda sucks lol kids riding horses is almost my salary for a year wtf😅😅😕
Emma Isabella
Emma Isabella - Aylar önce
I think the site *(AUTHENTICVIEWS D O T C O M)* is best for youtube fame because many models used this site according to TMZ.
Keep Dreaming
Keep Dreaming - Aylar önce
I bet Mark smoked w 2 chains before the show
Simulation One
Simulation One - Aylar önce
Mark be like: man I even got no money on me right now 😂
BoomSquad Inc
BoomSquad Inc - Aylar önce
3:32 trust me
yash _
yash _ - Aylar önce
this editor is on some drugs
Emanuel Wan
Emanuel Wan - Aylar önce
the dog kill them all! haha..seem like uncle snoop man haha
Daniel Gonzalez
Daniel Gonzalez - Aylar önce
Great videos, never disappointing!
Ohiorichkid Ohiorichkid Beats
Buckwheat - Aylar önce
Does anybody know the editors social media handles? I'm tryna see sumn..
Juan Vera
Juan Vera - Aylar önce
Yoooo anybody notice the dogs name was Trappy @3:47 😂 💀 🐶
Cesar Fuentes
Cesar Fuentes - Aylar önce
Juan Vera That’s his real dogs name lol
HippieHorseLover - Aylar önce
JTR VLOGS - Aylar önce
Corbin Fobbs
Corbin Fobbs - Aylar önce
I'm smoking with Cuban
Katerina Foxe
Katerina Foxe - Aylar önce
Mark has the richest laugh ever o swear toooo gaw! Ugh two chains most expensive brings me life
Timmy Turner
Timmy Turner - Aylar önce
Yall gonna sleep on the horse skit 😂
Hoesway 10
Hoesway 10 - Aylar önce
Yooo the editor of these videos😭😭😭
Bryan Lara
Bryan Lara - Aylar önce
Edits are too 🔥🔥🔥
Silvano Jaramillo
Silvano Jaramillo - Aylar önce
The editor of this video needs a BIG RAISE😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣
Charles Gunter
Charles Gunter - Aylar önce
Mark is just about as high as 2 chains!
wyd tho
wyd tho - Aylar önce
I bet southern cookouts are so fireeee
Elizabeth Rush
Elizabeth Rush - 2 aylar önce
The end was trash
Anthony Lena
Anthony Lena - 2 aylar önce
Mark high asl😭💀
Füćč Ñï99å
Füćč Ñï99å - 2 aylar önce
Horses cost more than people apparently
AudioASMR - 2 aylar önce
mark is so high lol
Bally Sarkar
Bally Sarkar - 2 aylar önce
Award goes to the editor
Abang Ehsan
Abang Ehsan - 2 aylar önce
Gotta give credits to the person that put in the animation man, priceless hahahha
Rolandas Vilkaitis
Rolandas Vilkaitis - 2 aylar önce
i love the new style of this show, always been a fan of it, but now with all the editing its even better! :D
fresh franky frank
fresh franky frank - 2 aylar önce
these motherfuckers shipping horse with fedex. that's animal abuse?
Sam’s Club
Sam’s Club - 2 aylar önce
This editor is the actual best man made me cry when the horse started laughing 😂
Emma N
Emma N - 2 aylar önce
DdaD0n - 2 aylar önce
2chainz is great for entertainment
Thog - 2 aylar önce
I used to enjoy these vids but with all the editing they add on it I’m beginning to hate it
William Howle
William Howle - 2 aylar önce
Not sure 2 Chainz knows how to process a dude like Mark, dressed like a bum but worth endlessly more than him while, clearly, money, and flaunting it, matters a lot to the diamond and gold encrusted guy.
Name here 00
Name here 00 - 2 aylar önce
This show should be on tv its hilarious
Mizz Wicked
Mizz Wicked - 2 aylar önce
Watch later jeff Bezos will be selling horses on amazon after he watches this 😂
Subway - 2 aylar önce
Aye man😂
H8D 5OH - 2 aylar önce
Mark Cuban looks like a Highschool Coach....but that dude is $$$$$$$$$
Captain Clutch
Captain Clutch - 2 aylar önce
Curtis Ballard
Curtis Ballard - 2 aylar önce
Check out BAGHDAD the best independent film online.
Ruben Estrada
Ruben Estrada - 2 aylar önce
Mark Cuban too expensive for two chain he worth billion two chain million
President Camacho
President Camacho - 2 aylar önce
All I ever wanted to be when I grew up was a guy who owned a horse with a passport.
Mutated Sperm
Mutated Sperm - 2 aylar önce
1:52 😂😂😂his face that frown
Ms. Leah
Ms. Leah - 2 aylar önce
I cant stop laughing...help me😂😂😂😭😭😭
_papash Ayy
_papash Ayy - 2 aylar önce
2:55 fedex 😆😆
Gloria Cook
Gloria Cook - 2 aylar önce
They have passports for cats and dogs why not horses 🐴.
MrNumberFour - 2 aylar önce
Everyone came for the editing
MrNumberFour - 2 aylar önce
Most expensivest editor is in your pocket now 2chainz
artist in need
artist in need - 2 aylar önce
How can you not like 2 chainz