VENOM Comic Con Panel - Tom Hardy

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Flicks And The City
Flicks And The City - 11 aylar önce
Hey guys, we're not in San Diego this year so won't have all the panels on the channel.
We do have this Venom panel footage courtesy of Sony which we thought you'd enjoy! :-)
Charles currier
Charles currier - 8 aylar önce
I am venom
Kat Goetjen
Kat Goetjen - 11 aylar önce
And my heart just broke
Eoghan Foley
Eoghan Foley - 11 aylar önce
They'll never release the footage which is a DAMN SHAME!!! God sake We Are Venom. We WANT VENOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!
reality851 - 11 aylar önce
Now that's a fuckin' shame right there.
sundawg911 - 11 aylar önce
That sucks, I was excited for your footage but its cool.
prags v
prags v - 4 gün önce
I would like to see venom as winner in venom vs spidy if Tom Hardy plays venom😊
SonicTheHedgehog - 3 aylar önce
If there was any Marvel villain you would add in the MCU, who would it be?
Zarik Kajiwara
Zarik Kajiwara - 4 aylar önce
bruh tell me why Riz is about the beat the shit out of the dude talking at 0:57-1:03?
BBQ Wings
BBQ Wings - 4 aylar önce
Is tom hardy wearing a bronson/salvador t-shirt?
mari - 4 aylar önce
sir step on my face pls I can’t handle this anymore
Chris Foster
Chris Foster - 5 aylar önce
Did Tom hardy just say venom is a super hero
super gerd
super gerd - 6 aylar önce
There was nothing dark about the movie.
Dipesh Chhantyal
Dipesh Chhantyal - 6 aylar önce
Tom hardy is a best Venom
Enzo Villanueva
Enzo Villanueva - 7 aylar önce
2:51 he's an anti-hero
*Wait is there gonna be an anti-venom?*
John Bennett
John Bennett - 7 aylar önce
I had no idea that Tom was British
Joe Norman
Joe Norman - 8 aylar önce
That guy in the middle looks like he’s tweaking out.
Garrett - 8 aylar önce
Fuckin Tom with his “who me” got me dead
Hannah Thegamer
Hannah Thegamer - 8 aylar önce
The movie is awesome!!!
dandini0698 - 8 aylar önce
I'll say this much, i fucking loved Tom Hardy as Venom, they casted a great actor for the job, but the next movie needs a better director and a much better script.
Fiona Moran
Fiona Moran - 8 aylar önce
He’s has never looked so beautiful 😍 I’ve no interest in superhero movies, but I’d watch Venom for Tom.
Josh Youwa
Josh Youwa - 8 aylar önce
Venom isn't really a hero is he.
Gracie Ambrósio
Gracie Ambrósio - 8 aylar önce
He saved earth
Ben Seongwon
Ben Seongwon - 9 aylar önce
You know why would they have an Arab actor to play Carlton Drake? Lol
I’m so excited For The Venom Trilogy
Venom 100
Venom 100 - 9 aylar önce
Ẃ̶̞͉͎̂ë̴͚́̓ ̷̲͔̙̓̚A̸͎̚r̸͉͔̦̎e̶̡̮͕̕͝ ̵̗̌̌̌V̵͉͈͝e̷̮̠̰̔̿ņ̵̥̕o̴̮͌͊̃m̷͇̝̿
WinterSplinterM.II - 9 aylar önce
I hope this does good just so we can at somepoint get a movie with Venom and Spider-Man played by Toms
James Madison
James Madison - 9 aylar önce
ooooo shit, its the symbiotes from the comics, scream, lasher, phase, agony and riot lol hellz ya
Angelo  Dell'Orto
Angelo Dell'Orto - 9 aylar önce
jo-jo volkswagen
jo-jo volkswagen - 10 aylar önce
I wonder ..if there are two boys ... focus with this story... but they don't talk to each other ... and ...if I say .. they both understand the story quit well maybe 85% ...and ..of course ..he knows how to follow his role...and always listen to his boss...I guess ... I keep on eye on him... try to put myself on his shoe... and guess ... if the different that I will act from what he did ... it is .. just two things .. u know ...
Stephanie Gonzalez
Stephanie Gonzalez - 10 aylar önce
I loveeee Venom since he was on Comics he is my favorite since i was child and now that this movie came goddd i am so HAPPY thank you so MUCH you made my dream come true this is so cool and tom complements Venom just like venom complements tom i love it thank you again
Steve Weber
Steve Weber - 10 aylar önce
I was born in England and moved to Canada aged 13 back in 1992. I still (for the most part) have my London accent and it's been 25 years!! What's with Tom Hardy's accent here? i don't understand why British actors have to put on an American accent when promoting their movies/tv shows. Are we insecure? are we afraid that American audiences won't understand us? No American actor goes on a British talk show and puts on a fake British accent.
KTKWA721 - 10 aylar önce
wow tom hardy was in the dc universe now he's in the marvel cinematic universe lol.
Super Supree
Super Supree - 10 aylar önce
Why dafuq is the guy next to tom blinks so much,and keeps looking at tom
Abhishek Mukherjee
Abhishek Mukherjee - 10 aylar önce

Myella Wafflecake
Myella Wafflecake - 9 aylar önce
Yes Yes *YES*
TrailerBUZZ KHADARI - 9 aylar önce
Eyes.. nose. pancreasssss
Kong Craftsmanship
Kong Craftsmanship - 10 aylar önce
Abhishek Mukherjee hahaha!
Vershawn Bailey
Vershawn Bailey - 10 aylar önce
I Am Hyped To See The Film In Theaters
Robert Crane
Robert Crane - 10 aylar önce
Billionaire, Genius and Inventor.. Hmm IronMan?? is that you?? Or Bat Man??
Robert Crane
Robert Crane - 10 aylar önce
he is the billionare owner of Wayne Corp. A gadget/technology manufacturing company. There he designs all his tools... But he also gets some from Lucius Fox..
Robert Crane
Robert Crane - 10 aylar önce
Read a comic book. And stop watching movies. Batman has invented plenty
panda in a bambo
panda in a bambo - 10 aylar önce
Robert Crane batman is no inventor
Farisha Suha
Farisha Suha - 10 aylar önce
Love what Tom had to say about Michelle. It’s a relief to know that they were comfortable unlike the whole Charlize Theron situation. 😂
anthony smith
anthony smith - 10 aylar önce
Riz is like why am I here? XD
Murderous Grin
Murderous Grin - 10 aylar önce
At the end he’s in his head I’m venom a 300 pound alien beast vs 120 pounds kid lol 😂 they fit the characters so well
valoujean - 10 aylar önce
6:18 Did Venom himself say "I LOVE SPIDER-MAN ?!"
Ned Stark of Winterfell
Ned Stark of Winterfell - 10 aylar önce
Tom voice ever changing
tylor chouanard
tylor chouanard - 10 aylar önce
The guy in the middle looks like an unintelligent uninspired non interested prick when other people aside from him are talking
Alec Fisher
Alec Fisher - 10 aylar önce
Damn he's losing his accent
I T - 10 aylar önce
So great to see Riz in big movies!! Such an amazing actor!!
Bryan Zamora
Bryan Zamora - 10 aylar önce
I just have a problem with the way they say symboite
blizzy dude
blizzy dude - 10 aylar önce
Just because of the friendly family Disney mcu bs I don’t think they will bring the justice to the wolverines or venom I want I just hope Sony will get it together.
Campbell Highley
Campbell Highley - 10 aylar önce
Yes, I would love to see Tom Holland and and Tom Hardy back together and fight against each other, there two very different characters Peter Parker and there are rivalry is interesting as hell
#SaveTheBadlands - 10 aylar önce
Sometimes I forget that Tom Hardy is English.
Johnny R
Johnny R - 10 aylar önce
What the hell has riz done to his hair lol
Kumo - 10 aylar önce
Anyone else notice riz ahmed’s weird blinking?
iLove Cinema
iLove Cinema - 10 aylar önce
He finally pronounced symbiot right...
Lionel Aluku
Lionel Aluku - 10 aylar önce
This smells like a flop
Azure Saiyan
Azure Saiyan - 10 aylar önce
Trust me, it won't flop.
Daniel J.W
Daniel J.W - 11 aylar önce
I want the comic con
trailer to release right now
Vie - 11 aylar önce
*“We made this film for you guys.”*
BS. If you cared for your fans then Sony should have return it to Disney and Disney in turn can make a film division for R-Rated Marvel films like Deadpool.
David Novosardian
David Novosardian - 11 aylar önce
The guy in the middle looks like he doesn't want to be there.
Red Hood
Red Hood - 11 aylar önce
Tom vs Tom?
Kayd 8695
Kayd 8695 - 11 aylar önce
You made this movie for us, then make it free Thanks
Jerry Campos
Jerry Campos - 11 aylar önce
We are vemon
Míchele Cobré
Míchele Cobré - 11 aylar önce
You can't have venom without Spiderman apart of the story and movie
J. F.
J. F. - 11 aylar önce
Rolex Submariner ?
Kenneth Miller
Kenneth Miller - 11 aylar önce
there's to much kissing tom Hardys ass.
Mark Fitzgerald
Mark Fitzgerald - 11 aylar önce
Whats goin on with hardys accent ?
Michael Preda
Michael Preda - 11 aylar önce
Would be a better fight with Andrew Garfield Spider Man
Manuel David Rendon Acevedo
Manuel David Rendon Acevedo - 11 aylar önce
Michael Preda Agreed, I see it more fitting in the TASM world
Salvatore Anzalone
Salvatore Anzalone - 11 aylar önce
Tom can do no wrong
Gregory Miranda
Gregory Miranda - 11 aylar önce
Can't wait for this
Shoji C
Shoji C - 11 aylar önce
Is that the guy from RO?
Shoji C
Shoji C - 11 aylar önce
Tom Hardy vs Tom Holland..hell yeah ..make it happen 😅
Syd Nichele
Syd Nichele - 11 aylar önce
I love Tom hardy so much 😍
monem 1
monem 1 - 11 aylar önce
The one sitting in the middle quietly is a sick dope actor
ricky spanish
ricky spanish - 11 aylar önce
jay folk
jay folk - 11 aylar önce
Good to see the Gangster Squad director having fun again. but Tom Hardy sold this ticket for me.
Mr potato YT BOY
Mr potato YT BOY - 8 aylar önce
I AM VENOM FOR REAL I'm actually venom.
Davon Otero
Davon Otero - 8 aylar önce
Venom sold it for me lol
Manuel David Rendon Acevedo
Manuel David Rendon Acevedo - 11 aylar önce
jay folk I really liked Gangster Squad, I know there's many people that don't like it but personally I enjoyed it
[ jvda ]
[ jvda ] - 11 aylar önce
so he's in the marvel cinematic universe ?
prufan - 11 aylar önce
no they already confirmed it's not
Wayne Beauford
Wayne Beauford - 11 aylar önce
fake ass venom movie
MikeM125 - 11 aylar önce
when will we get that trailer tho
Kiettisak Srisombat
Kiettisak Srisombat - 11 aylar önce
I'm calling it there is spider man in this film!
Aussie Mane
Aussie Mane - 8 aylar önce
This ain't chief
prufan - 11 aylar önce
he isn't
Kiettisak Srisombat
Kiettisak Srisombat - 11 aylar önce
he's how I imagine eddie Brock in the movie not like that skinny turd in spiderman 3
FREDY'S THE AWESOME SHOW - 11 aylar önce
sukanya st
sukanya st - 11 aylar önce
what a quiet boring panel
Queen Of R&b Lauryn Hill 👑
Can I kiss Venom? Thank you.
Harith Tiew
Harith Tiew - 11 aylar önce
I just hope they have made major improvement from the first trailer
Diego Larios
Diego Larios - 11 aylar önce
0:00 thats a lie. they made this movie to make money and keep the rights to Spiderman
J&N Gaming and More!
J&N Gaming and More! - 11 aylar önce
Did Riz just pronounce symbiote right? Finally!
Riptide Pictures
Riptide Pictures - 11 aylar önce
Tom Hardy was laughing at the thought of fighting Tom Holland himself, not Spider-Man. Tom Hardy knows he could beat up Tom Holland with spider powers or not.
Oh! - 11 aylar önce
Sony.... Don't fuck this up
Taz Boone
Taz Boone - 11 aylar önce
"We made this movie for you guys" no, you made this movie for Avi Arad's dumb ass who won't let go of the character.
Victor Greenwood
Victor Greenwood - 11 aylar önce
He sounds British with a hint of Mexican
Victor Greenwood
Victor Greenwood - 10 aylar önce
Jennifer Perez Tom's accent
Jennifer Perez
Jennifer Perez - 10 aylar önce
Victor Greenwood Huh?
Exceed - 11 aylar önce
Is that his real voice?
Eduardo Lanza Suazo
Eduardo Lanza Suazo - 11 aylar önce
venom is my favorite villain and I didn't ask for this movie, I hope it bombs 😑
Darth Watson
Darth Watson - 11 aylar önce
Oh look, Riz Ahmed is a Slim Shady fan.
Bill CIA Wilson
Bill CIA Wilson - 11 aylar önce
Now that's a Big guy!
GER MX - 11 aylar önce
“We made this movie for you guys...” WTF, you guys only made it for money... if you want to serve the real fans, you would have Spider-Man in it and even include a Spider symbol on Venom
Gavin O'Connor Clarke
Gavin O'Connor Clarke - 11 aylar önce
GER MX there's another video where Ruben says that the white veins form a kind of similar symbol like the spider on his chest.
Ajinkya Chavan
Ajinkya Chavan - 11 aylar önce
Dude can be wolverine
Vishan Silva
Vishan Silva - 11 aylar önce
I’m hoping this movie is good tbh
Jaxson Cook
Jaxson Cook - 11 aylar önce
I’ve just been watching all of your videos non stop and I am addicted. Keep up the great work. I love your videos. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😋
ice man
ice man - 11 aylar önce
Fuck spiderman, Would love to see Venom & Carnage
Jawad Kabir
Jawad Kabir - 11 aylar önce
“I don’t know”
B.B.K #31Hunnit #FumblenForcer #Slamin'Nat,Gavel
Such a dumbass thing to ask...he’ll kill the fucking kid what do expect to hear??
Dumbass question.
ognuts - 11 aylar önce
Director is a douche
Tyler - 11 aylar önce
when the guy said we are making the movie for you guys I rolled my eyes. they made this movie for money. screw Sony! give the spider characters rights back to marval studios.
Jonathan Kruger
Jonathan Kruger - 10 aylar önce
Stfu. You just want all these dark r rated charecters to go to Disney. If you actually read the comics like a true fan would. You would understand that before he met spider man venom had a super dark sadistic origin story and that's what we want. Adults want comic book movies too not just little kids who go to Disneyland all the time. Every charecter has a origin story and the mcu is just fine where it is right now especially with thanos. They don't need to take all these dark charecters we love that don't even belong there in the first place. Wolverine, deadpool, venom, etc. Yeah you're probably one of those fanboys who wants deadpool to join the avengers. Yeah totally the next thing we need is a toned down PG-13 deadpool 😂😂😂😂.
prufan - 11 aylar önce
of course and i respect your opinion. i hope we both enjoy venom
Gavin O'Connor Clarke
Gavin O'Connor Clarke - 11 aylar önce
I liked Homecoming. It's 3 and TAS 2 that I disliked but we'll agree to disagree. Hopefully Venom is amazing!!
prufan - 11 aylar önce
i personally don't think sony have made bad Spider-Man films except for homecoming so I'm excited
Gavin O'Connor Clarke
Gavin O'Connor Clarke - 11 aylar önce
So Spider-man 3 looked great and it sucked. Sony has made three good spiderman movies and two bad ones. Like the trailers for xmen apocalypse which showed the same footage in every trailer and amazing spider-man 2 did the same, I think, whereas these venom trailers are showing new footage, which adds more to the story, so it could be really good, but that isn't the point, the point is that they've only made two bad spiderman movies, this one has been in development since '07 so I don't think they'd risk it being terrible if they want to succeed in establishing their own marvel universe. Lastly, all studios make movies for money including Disney.
Skar800 - 11 aylar önce
We are so hyped
Jesse Ray
Jesse Ray - 11 aylar önce
Any one else seeing the similarities in trend with this film and the joker film? Both are origin films centered around an antagonist played by a good actor.
Ruben Vos
Ruben Vos - 11 aylar önce
Them ethics exclude announce engagement grave implication hopefully.
LastGhost68 - 11 aylar önce
I'm a fan of Hardy, but that first Trailer looked horrible! The CG looked no better than Spider-Man 3. And why did Brock sound like Rain Man???
Michael Aguayo
Michael Aguayo - 10 aylar önce
LastGhost68 He sounded just like Eddie Brock in Spectacular Spider-Man for some reason
Amara Winchester
Amara Winchester - 11 aylar önce
Looking at Tom and then remembering Spider-Man 3 makes me wanna laugh so hard. What the hell were they thinking when they created Spider-Man 3???
Alec - 11 aylar önce
I prefer Tom to be wolverine
Flyght Cajayon
Flyght Cajayon - 7 aylar önce
Hugh jackman is still the best wolverine
Tyler Marshall
Tyler Marshall - 11 aylar önce
not alec I want Jensen ackles to play wolverine in the mcu