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2 283
Don Unmacht
Don Unmacht - 7 saatler önce
I agree that the cops need to just let them go. Use the helicopter to do the tracking.
Helen Jackman
Helen Jackman - 14 saatler önce
An army of police for to catch this here ding bat. One innocent driver wiped out by cops, that is what is horrible about this chase, disregard for public safety to try an catch this crook.
MrSwiftmick - 19 saatler önce
Do you know what HORRIFYING means
Aziz HACHIMI - 20 saatler önce
They should have got him as soon as he got out of the car empty handed....laying on the ground and that chicken couldn't go caugh him...waiting for back up....people needing help in the black car...was he scared that the fugitive's feet transform into rifles and start shooting at him....or that the pursued man tranforms into a fire ball and catapults at him...freaking cowards!
Ace Montoya
Ace Montoya - 2 gün önce
damn wtf was their a donut shop on the way or did backup cops just get lost!
Maria Weston
Maria Weston - 2 gün önce
Our town doesn’t have helicopter support. How would the police have stopped him? He kept turning and there was no way to see where he would go next.
Maria Weston
Maria Weston - 2 gün önce
How does that fool think he will get away. Always puzzles me.
ming ming
ming ming - 2 gün önce
The police didn't tired following tht criminal driver..if i were in tht police setuation i will ride tht helicopter, and shot him frm above..
Jett Rink
Jett Rink - 3 gün önce
This person was on his way to OJ's house.
Wesley Hay
Wesley Hay - 3 gün önce
The fool (or 'whatcha call a female "fool"...a foolette?) or foolette that was driving the white car with the black
roof ran over something sharp there and flattened at least one tire. But a strange person anyhow to had seemingly
wanted to take off. One is supposed to stay at the scene (of course out of the way of the cops) and that one a big fail!!
Valdemar Perez III
Valdemar Perez III - 4 gün önce
Poor chevy
SerialShagster - 4 gün önce
Where I am on the East Coast, they stop pursuit as soon as the person starts driving in a manner where someone can be harmed. It's just as easy to follow from the air...Idiots!
Jonathan Wagner
Jonathan Wagner - 4 gün önce
I see someone also said a bystander was injured?? Never saw any bystanders at the scene.
Abhishek Mallah
Abhishek Mallah - 4 gün önce
Enter cheat code ....guns guns guns 😆😆
Jin Kin
Jin Kin - 5 gün önce
Open borders ,fxxk that B's,,enough illegal spicks in our country, criminals, welfare recipients,tired of all the crap in our country,,Maga
James Crome
James Crome - 5 gün önce
The police are guilty for the accident
James Crome
James Crome - 5 gün önce
The police had a helicopter, why did they chase this guy on the ground, the police are responsible for this accident, the police should get their ass beaten for endangering innocent people
ZeeOne - 5 gün önce
California governor will make sure Suspect's rights are not violated. The injured person, well that's not the governor's problem.
Lyle Smith
Lyle Smith - 5 gün önce
Joe Biden just said he would let DUMBASS criminals like this moron out...
Terry Yerry
Terry Yerry - 5 gün önce
Kill a judge and his family ! Please don't hit me cause I will kill you
Alberto Garcia
Alberto Garcia - 5 gün önce
Que persona tan mas estupida sabiendo que ay personas caminando puede atropellar alguen
NGOZO VUSIMUZI - 5 gün önce
It hurts to see people die on road not knowing their are the ones works for families basic needs.. Because of thieves broke the law in different ways... What's hurt me deeply, their apply for parole and some of them they qualify for parole. No question or signature or permission from someone should be considered.. No question to ask, just put them we wild animals live because he is evil
Highstakes187 - 5 gün önce
thank god for skips and fast forwards
would he the crash vic be elligble for criminal compensation awarded by the state
Jonathan Wagner
Jonathan Wagner - 6 gün önce
So would anyone know how this all ended? What injuries were sustained by SUV driver and circumstances around the GTA?
Jesus is Lord of all Every knee shall bow
Jonathan Wagner I’m trying to find out myself. I don’t see anything in the description about the victim.
Адик Адиков
Адик Адиков - 6 gün önce
Иза сваей тупости постродали люди виноваты копы.
AMN GLOBAL - 6 gün önce
I remember watching this live
Mikesb69 -
Mikesb69 - - 6 gün önce
38:54- Well at least he has the decency to use his turn signal- LOL
Wen Long
Wen Long - 6 gün önce
horrible job done by police! one hour long and that is the result??? you just give me two firetrucks to block the front, one chopper for my eyesight and one police car to shoot his ass!
Chris Hagan
Chris Hagan - 6 gün önce
When your trying to beat the other plumbing contractor that the customer called after They got off the phone with you.
Jacob Wellington
Jacob Wellington - 6 gün önce
California is literally overwhelmed with criminals, and THEY want to dictate the direction of America? Ha! No thanks faggöts!!
2002honda954 - 6 gün önce
Yeah sure whatever Trumptard
ESX Eye - 6 gün önce
41:50 the person driving the white electric vehicle could not be more stupid by parking right in the line of fire of the Police officer telling the perp to get out, then when accidental shots happen it is the police's fault...
horrifying? crash .more like a ..... crash?
fill in the blank.
henry mcfarland
henry mcfarland - 6 gün önce
The driver of the truck, they should beat his *ss until he is barely breathing. He deserves it.
Vi Ma
Vi Ma - 6 gün önce
I agree with you, but even better, they should have eliminated him. No good law abiding tax paying citizens are going to have to pay for his up keep.
Miriam Schiro
Miriam Schiro - 6 gün önce
With cameras everywhere and helicopters involved in hwy pursuit we live in an era in which proves the phrase a reality “You can run but you cannot hide” stupid how they don’t know that 🤦🏽‍♀️
Studnie Nowy Targ
Studnie Nowy Targ - 6 gün önce
Joe 69 Fitz
Joe 69 Fitz - 6 gün önce
Wow 😯 crazy, hope the injured person OK, thanks to the firefighters & police 🌹
Peter - 7 gün önce
Great ending, justice has been served, I only wish the same thing happened to the people who stole my car, death to all criminals!
Rory Lapidus
Rory Lapidus - 6 gün önce
Very few crimes are as clear cut as this one. Some % of people who have been arrested are completely innocent of any crime. That's why we have a justice system, and why cops can't beat up or envoke any punishment. They can detain, arrest, or use force only if necessary in the particular situation. As it is police often violate the rights we have as citizens due to over-extending their power. There are 1000's of video examples of this around the United States. So giving the police power beyond that they already are clearly abusing is a bad idea to solve or deal with crime. However crime must be delt with, but death to all criminals is kinda harsh. Becareful what you wish for.
Rodrigo Pereira Weyll Weyll
Nunca vi tamanha eficiência! Esses profissionais sao heróis!
Terrie Tackett
Terrie Tackett - 7 gün önce
I almost peed myself when another helicopter flew across the path of the other from the left!!
Anonymous Monterrey
Anonymous Monterrey - 8 gün önce
at 5:38 Police Brake Fail And Crash into a Citizens Vehicle and just keeps driving like nothing happened lol
e30kitty - 2 gün önce
It just a Citizen... same like ai in video games. They don't care about you
Ho Lee Fuk
Ho Lee Fuk - 8 gün önce
Play stupid games, win stupid crashes...
Frank GiGi
Frank GiGi - 8 gün önce
oh so sad I missed all this
Mary Shoemaker
Mary Shoemaker - 8 gün önce
All your doing dude is racking up more charges on yourself...how stupid!!!
Alberto Paez
Alberto Paez - 8 gün önce
This animal thing is fanned!!!!
SR212787 - 8 gün önce
5:38 That cop runs into the back of a civilian, doesn't blink, keeps going. What was he even doing? The truck pulls right so he pulls left and then into the back of a random car.
A Chacon
A Chacon - 8 gün önce
Todo esto por un idiota porque no fue a estrellarse en el puente
Leigh Jordan
Leigh Jordan - 9 gün önce
moderateminneapolita - 9 gün önce
Too much talk
Richard Alvis
Richard Alvis - 9 gün önce
Once again. Chase them until they kill someone and damn the civilians. Cant blame us, the cops, we only accelereat the death of the innocent.
Toruk8Makto - 9 gün önce
Firemen need better equipment they took too long and poor soul die it made me really sad