Letting The Person in FRONT of Me Decide What We Eat!

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L.A. Hensley
L.A. Hensley - Gün önce
When she said 2 frostys, i was shook. Thats all jeffree wanted and he got it.
Abby Edwards
Abby Edwards - 2 gün önce
Abby Edwards
Abby Edwards - 2 gün önce
Miriam Aloma
Miriam Aloma - 6 gün önce
jefree’s makeup and outfit is😳👏😭
Nick Dolen
Nick Dolen - 7 gün önce
7:39 me too Jeffree, me too... Can't believe Mitchell SAID THAT!
sugababes xx
sugababes xx - 7 gün önce
jeffree is such a good driver i swear♥️
Ellis Giles-Thornbory
Ellis Giles-Thornbory - 10 gün önce
I felt a bit bad for Mitchell no one wanted a photo with him
Jack - 10 gün önce
Look how Mitchell looks here, then go to Jeffrey’s new video about his purple palate and see how he looks there. He looks awful now
Cindy Wu
Cindy Wu - 10 gün önce
Jeffrey has such a cute personality
Rose Od
Rose Od - 10 gün önce
Dont worry I hate butter to 😂
Grayson Bateman
Grayson Bateman - 10 gün önce
I love how all the workers at in and out were so nice and professional... didn’t scream, didn’t freak out... just “when you gonna come out with a liquid eyeliner?” And “can we just take a group picture?” Love it. Also, is anyone watching this after the Blood Lust purple palette launch? 😹
Shreya Kalra
Shreya Kalra - 13 gün önce
Mitchell : I hate boer
Jeffree : whattttttttttt?!!!!!????(close up of teeth )😂😂😂😂
Handsome Angel Life And Fun
Handsome Angel Life And Fun - 13 gün önce
Check my channel
crazy stupid ari
crazy stupid ari - 15 gün önce
20:26 “no I️ can’t do that part!” HIS FACE, like he just saw a freaking ghost!! Hahahahhahaa
Baby K
Baby K - 18 gün önce
I love the fact that he doesn’t mind taking pictures with people who ask him you are an amazing person❤️❤️
HunieMoMo Pop
HunieMoMo Pop - 20 gün önce
Love itlol👄💋😍🥰😘💄❤️💝
Crystal Pope
Crystal Pope - 21 gün önce
How come Wendy's don't have a breakfast menu in North Carolina. I'm so curious to know what's on the menu 🤔🤨
Denver Wright
Denver Wright - 21 gün önce
16:18 I'm wasting away
Meg Rose
Meg Rose - 22 gün önce
How did I not know that Wendy's sells breakfast lmao. I'm born and raised in Michigan and never had Wendy's breakfast
crystal cypress
crystal cypress - 24 gün önce
Love u Jeffree
The Hyper House
The Hyper House - 25 gün önce
You know what your missing out on y’all
Rush’s legit the best fast food ever
Glennda Gilbert
Glennda Gilbert - 25 gün önce
Love these two
Frank Parent
Frank Parent - 26 gün önce
Me gustá how Jeffree take the time to take pictures with people.
Frank Parent
Frank Parent - 26 gün önce
Chocolate ice cream
Jeffree *almost cums*
Motley_Crue_is_my_heart - 27 gün önce
🖤I'm from England as well love yall🖤
StoopidTv WithRaerae
StoopidTv WithRaerae - 28 gün önce
StoopidTv WithRaerae
StoopidTv WithRaerae - 28 gün önce
Keri Caswell
Keri Caswell - 29 gün önce
Omg... LOVE that look!
Safari Sister
Safari Sister - Aylar önce
This is my favorite video on the Jeffree star channel period
Onika Ortiz
Onika Ortiz - Aylar önce
7:38. iconic
Kelly Vacher
Kelly Vacher - Aylar önce
“She gets a cup of water WE STARVE”
S Black
S Black - Aylar önce
"Is it a milk shake or ice cream?"
"...It's a frosty"
Cathrine loves queen
Cathrine loves queen - Aylar önce
they went to in and out and didnt gt fries
Amy 3D
Amy 3D - Aylar önce
Those stupid employees begging for his time and energy didn't even bother making him fresh food what morons
ROBIN BLACK - Aylar önce
yeah i call some of those type places choke and puke , its so greasy or dry , so processed you can taste the dam process lol
Shannon Balogh
Shannon Balogh - Aylar önce
Omg me and my daughter and MoMA all do that too dip are Fries in to our frosty
WeirdEmoKid - Aylar önce
I feel bad for the camera man just watching you guys eat lmao
UkNOWN SNAKE - Aylar önce

Jefree:Nevermind girl
UkNOWN SNAKE - Aylar önce
hi how are ya (spongebob meme plays)
JVC - Aylar önce
Ruby Rhodes
Ruby Rhodes - 27 gün önce
No u
Iqra Butt
Iqra Butt - Aylar önce
Whose here after there breakup
JSP2020 - Aylar önce
He is adorable 💕
Kristin Cannon
Kristin Cannon - Aylar önce
You would love me. I get 4 plain hamburgers and 2 large fries.
Soul Punker
Soul Punker - Aylar önce
20:53-20:55 Mitchell is like this is really good
Mash Panto
Mash Panto - Aylar önce
I love how he doesn’t mind taking a picture with ppl when they ask him
arekku kun
arekku kun - Aylar önce
2020.. Also me so jellous that my best friend lives in Manchester, my uncle lives in London and Im broke so can't afford to go to Birmingham 😂
Leah Tillery
Leah Tillery - Aylar önce
The frosty is cream milk and whipped cream
Yessi Lo
Yessi Lo - Aylar önce
"whats up jeffree" my fav moment !
Elizabeth Johnson
Elizabeth Johnson - Aylar önce
I have never had in and out so I don’t know what it is like yeah
Elizabeth Johnson
Elizabeth Johnson - Aylar önce
Restart I am also a picky eater is a girl I under stand you
BTS Whore
BTS Whore - Aylar önce
We’re not going to in n out
10 min later IN N OUT
Monique Garrick
Monique Garrick - Aylar önce
I love how he mentions Nate in his videos when he’s not there. Knowing what he would like!😍
Atreyfabian - Aylar önce
Hi Jeffree! First of all, you seem like a very warm hearted person :) It would be fun to see a video where you advice randomn people products, obviously you know a lot about skincare and make-up. Have a nice day :)
Colleen Frankle
Colleen Frankle - Aylar önce
Love his laugh
Christi Potter
Christi Potter - Aylar önce
loved the makeup! loved the video! xoxo
Mason - Aylar önce
Literally eating a double double as I'm watching this ugh my mind
Isis Olivia
Isis Olivia - Aylar önce
Indra R
Indra R - Aylar önce
Mitchell is cuteee 👀
Puria Rahbarnia
Puria Rahbarnia - Aylar önce
Whatttttttttttttt I love a Double Double with just cheese and onions and sauce on the side like fuck that sounds good right now 😂