Trae Tha Truth Gets Trill On Nick Cannon 🔥| Wild 'N Out | #Wildstyle

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dark saint
dark saint - Gün önce
I think nick should stop trying to rap. He sucks so much he should fire his own self. Let someone else take over the show or bring back katt williams
MoveOn - 6 gün önce
“Your head should ask Chico’s head for an autograph” is the funniest thing Justina’s said on this show 💀💀
الماس - 6 gün önce
“ justina we can do this allday long... your voice is deeper than mines , can I burrow some testosterone “
Wens Namelo
Wens Namelo - 6 gün önce
Yo thank god con stopped that beat man it sucks ass
MP INFAMOUS - 8 gün önce
I love Justina 😂❤️
Lisa Fields
Lisa Fields - 8 gün önce
Conceited is fine af! 😍
Shanice Wallace
Shanice Wallace - 9 gün önce
Con did Justine so bad it made that other white woman uncomfortable 🤣🤣 but Justina came with some heat tho
Em Radford
Em Radford - 15 gün önce
Cortez won that - don’t even argue
Tremaine Smith
Tremaine Smith - 16 gün önce
Conceited dj d wreck cut the beat bit aint want no part of soul kahn
The Scrubpe-_-
The Scrubpe-_- - 18 gün önce
Justina thick doe
Rudolph Manor
Rudolph Manor - 23 gün önce
Trae looks like Otis Williams from The Tempations. 💯
dopex2xdeath - 25 gün önce
Conceited shoulda bin like.....cut that trash shit off 😂
Jeff Lee
Jeff Lee - 27 gün önce
Justina got nice ass I'll eat that
Princess The HairSavior
Princess The HairSavior - 29 gün önce
Nick be trying 🤣🤦🏾‍♀️
Stix - Aylar önce
this beat so ass
Justina thick tf
michael hampton
michael hampton - Aylar önce
Put the flow job part on there
Samuel Stroup
Samuel Stroup - Aylar önce
what is this beat...
Kanika Garal
Kanika Garal - Aylar önce
Emanual ways with these reactions. They r funnier then the verses
iamkhadinelee - 2 aylar önce
The testosterone killed me 😂😂😂
Steez Harvey
Steez Harvey - 2 aylar önce
Yoooo that testosterone line hurt the room 😭😭😭
IMzKDC23 - 2 aylar önce
Bruh Emmanuel had a heart attack 😂😂😂
Mona Attah
Mona Attah - 2 aylar önce
Whoa, Lmao
Mike King
Mike King - 2 aylar önce
Red obliterated black
Nobukhosi Ncube
Nobukhosi Ncube - 3 aylar önce
Asshole By Nature
Asshole By Nature - 3 aylar önce
ben dover
ben dover - 3 aylar önce
2019 we have 8k TV's out now and we are still watching this in 720p
Yung Faness
Yung Faness - 3 aylar önce
Yung Faness
Yung Faness - 3 aylar önce
id Tore Everybody Up in A Freestyle BattLe Cant Nobody Win No FreestyLe BattLe BattLes Againest Me Panama City FLorida
Steph - 4 aylar önce
I think justina has a really nice ass tho, also got some real nice tits
brady brast
brady brast - 4 aylar önce
maxo kream should be on wild n out
TMVTHEKID TV - 4 aylar önce
Bayut Pradhan
Bayut Pradhan - 4 aylar önce
Whose the blonde girl behind Justina?
mara stacy
mara stacy - 4 aylar önce
It’s so weird conceited and justina date
Avisek Datta
Avisek Datta - 4 aylar önce
Holyy shit. Trae the Truth looks exactly like Leonard Fournette
Eseroghene Omene
Eseroghene Omene - 4 aylar önce
They baking Justina this time dang😂😂
christian anderson
christian anderson - 4 aylar önce
Hold up she got a nice lil booty
Raymond Williams
Raymond Williams - 4 aylar önce
it ain't even little , bih getting thicker
Markece Davis
Markece Davis - 4 aylar önce
D Spectro
D Spectro - 4 aylar önce
Nicks best rap
Tea Flicks
Tea Flicks - 5 aylar önce
“ ya head should ask Chico’s head for an autograph “ 😭😭😭
MEGA RETARD - 5 aylar önce
#Don'tMissWithTheDome 🤣🤣
Mervat Othman
Mervat Othman - 5 aylar önce
Am I only the one who don’t think Justina is flat?
John MoyaSODMG
John MoyaSODMG - 5 aylar önce
I would hit
Jdnikecrew - 5 aylar önce
He dumb happy at the end
Archie & Sizzle
Archie & Sizzle - 5 aylar önce
They really didnt understand the concept “Chopped & Screwed” on this episode. How you gon’ take a slowed down beat ans still rap regular in your high pitch voices... haha
rel side br
rel side br - 5 aylar önce
Don't hate on truth his voice is perfect bed time story
Mcprettypants - 5 aylar önce
He killed Justina with that line
im lura
im lura - 5 aylar önce
Can you guys please sub to my YouTube channel I’m Lurative
D Al
D Al - 5 aylar önce
Theo-greking - 5 aylar önce
Conceited city the beat thing getting old like damn fool use it at least some of the time
Jornya Sowell
Jornya Sowell - 5 aylar önce
"Can I borrow some testosterones"💀
Jornya Sowell
Jornya Sowell - 5 aylar önce
"How come you always look like you just woke up" 💀chicoooo
Barbie chanel
Barbie chanel - 5 aylar önce
Why is the video slowed down
Roann Pienaar
Roann Pienaar - 5 aylar önce
Tee and vee you look kak
gil randall
gil randall - 5 aylar önce
Why you a 40 year old man looking like somebody's mother
j reid
j reid - 5 aylar önce
Trae the truth is to real to be on this show all jokes aside man,
it's your girl Little Shorty
Tina's baby
Tina's baby - 5 aylar önce
"Borrow Testosterone?!!!!"💣💣💣💣💥💥💥💥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
SoFreshGirl 510
SoFreshGirl 510 - 5 aylar önce
"If your ass was a tv it'll be a flat screen".. 😂
Daniel Laabs
Daniel Laabs - 5 aylar önce
Trae lucky Z-RO wasn’t there
xxlworldwide - 5 aylar önce
Where the beat from?
Inti - 5 aylar önce
Omm justina ass nice
dinerøø - 5 aylar önce
she sounded sexy when she said that 1:47
iiamking - 5 aylar önce
Con shoulda cut that wack ass beat from the get go
404 MO
404 MO - 5 aylar önce
Trae looking like the father clown of the devils rejects
chris2tipsy - 5 aylar önce
Red squad!!
seqingnicole - 5 aylar önce
gosh i love justina and con
Shoney Carpenter
Shoney Carpenter - 5 aylar önce
Did Con and Juatina really have sex? She really specific with the tattoos
bobby cole
bobby cole - 5 aylar önce
that model looked so uncomfortable the entire show, bless her heart
Brandon Johnson
Brandon Johnson - 5 aylar önce
Where is Jacob the Killer??
Sarah tennerdburns
Sarah tennerdburns - 5 aylar önce
U just got roasted boy
Abel Starkey
Abel Starkey - 5 aylar önce
Put boosie on the show lol they goin be watchin everythi g they say lmao
Midwest jay
Midwest jay - 5 aylar önce
They trippin ill smash justina.. On da gang!
Gwuap Desso
Gwuap Desso - 5 aylar önce
Who The Who ?😂
Juan Figueroa
Juan Figueroa - 5 aylar önce
H town Good to see a S.U.C legend on mtv know they need to put Zro one the next episode
savage hec
savage hec - 5 aylar önce
Justina funny asf she said your haed should had ask chico head for a autograph
Speed Demon
Speed Demon - 5 aylar önce
That girl in the episode guessing the different jobs is straight retarded must be related to alexandria cortez
Argonautix- - 5 aylar önce
2:47 Why FunnyMike look like a christmas tree😂😂🤣
Actually.Travis Scott
Actually.Travis Scott - 5 aylar önce
Who else becoming annoyed by conceited stopping the beat
D humble
D humble - 5 aylar önce
Lol busted rhymes
Meekah She
Meekah She - 5 aylar önce
Emmanuel having a heart attack 🤣