Jack Black BURNED down my Minecraft House!!

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Sumit - 12 saniye önce
Petiton for Pewds to play Minecraft with:
Keanu Reeves
Elon Musk
Eduardo Madrigal
Eduardo Madrigal - 12 saniye önce
NO Address
Orange King
Orange King - 18 saniye önce
19:40 anyone else getting Pokemon vibes 😂
Toma Falcone
Toma Falcone - 18 saniye önce
watching felix try to figure out this brutally simple redstone device is about as painful as being cut to death by rusty blades
A healthy unvaccinated boy
A healthy unvaccinated boy - 19 saniye önce
Notch is the H.P. Lovecraft of videogames
zavia romanova
zavia romanova - 20 saniye önce
“where are you?”
“i’m in los angeles”
Flye !
Flye ! - 21 saniye önce
6:42 when pewdiepie says he stops with minecraft
CoTz clan
CoTz clan - 23 saniye önce
You can put soul sand and put on it water you will get a water elevator that works for single player and multilayer
Eduardo Madrigal
Eduardo Madrigal - 23 saniye önce
Fresno whaaaaaat that's where I live
Theodor Witter
Theodor Witter - 24 saniye önce
Tip for Jablinski: Name your video something like "WILL THIS INVENTION SAVE THE PLANET FROM MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING?". And as a thumbnail use yourself, standing in front of a lot of large trees and some random thing, like a huge meat ball, looking slightly fascinated, but too overly excited, as if you were just explaining some pretty cool technology.
D. Mv
D. Mv - 29 saniye önce
Petition to put jack black down let’s put him down boys
NJ Law
NJ Law - 30 saniye önce
Punch the fire to put it out
FBI - 32 saniye önce
Soon Pewds will be a real movie actor, just like Jack
Ricardo Martin
Ricardo Martin - 35 saniye önce
Minecraft + Jack Black = #1 on trending
Sumit - 38 saniye önce
*Petiton for Pewds to play Minecraft with:*
*Keanu Reeves*
*Elon Musk*
Nathan Lobdell
Nathan Lobdell - 39 saniye önce
The tree is gone :(
FateBossy - 40 saniye önce
Bröd - 41 saniye önce
13:20 Can we talk about how the baby chicken moved Sven when pewds was about to blow the chicken up? It's like he knew Sven would've died if he had followed thorough with his actions and he did the impossible by jumping over that fence and pushing Sven further away from the TNT. Bro
Vany Cano
Vany Cano - 43 saniye önce
Noooo why
Wiener Soda
Wiener Soda - 43 saniye önce
Jack black is now pewdiepies mc gf
Georgi Georgiev
Georgi Georgiev - 45 saniye önce
Play Minecraft with Elon musk
white man
white man - 47 saniye önce
#1 on trending. its that new algorithm
jessie d06
jessie d06 - 47 saniye önce
jack black stanning kevin feige for 29 minutes straight
Lance Beames
Lance Beames - 49 saniye önce
U should play with Jim Carrey next
5,000 Subscribers With No Videos Challenge
Yes we got JABLINSKI
Sumit - 52 saniye önce
*Petiton for Pewds to play Minecraft with:*
*Keanu Reeves*
*Elon Musk*
cerys morgxn
cerys morgxn - 53 saniye önce
I cringed every time he destroyed something in this video
Mr. Clean
Mr. Clean - 53 saniye önce
Who’s behind pew die pie @ 9:57 & 10.08
Carlos Muro
Carlos Muro - 53 saniye önce
Bad video
Can this dirt get 10,000 subscribers?
this is like minecraft but with movie ads
Mr Moustache Awesome Guys
Mr Moustache Awesome Guys - 55 saniye önce
2:51 who are you nodding at?
Dean Epps
Dean Epps - 56 saniye önce
That's it I'm throwing out my Kung Fu Panda dvd
Colin Farrell
Colin Farrell - 58 saniye önce
This is the greatest thing 😍
Nathan Lobdell
Nathan Lobdell - 58 saniye önce
Omgggggg stop the fire Felix ahahahha
GrugCave - 59 saniye önce
that's called divine intervention
It’s JON Hey
It’s JON Hey - Dakika önce
I now hate jack black
GAMING PRO/YT - Dakika önce
James charles
Should kill ender dragon together so the ending of minecraft episode will be so cool
Like if you agree gamers
Just Killer
Just Killer - Dakika önce
Kalvis Bērs
Kalvis Bērs - Dakika önce
Can we ban Weston and NBA storyteller?
qUAcK dUcK777777
qUAcK dUcK777777 - Dakika önce
Google Moderators
Google Moderators - Dakika önce
Jack black was born in 1969.. 69
mike otrosh
mike otrosh - Dakika önce
Bruh Jumanji 3 looking aight
Keiryn 1975
Keiryn 1975 - Dakika önce
Ệᵽḭḉ Ǥặṃểṝ
I just started eating a bacon cheeseburger when he started talking about bacon cheeseburgers
CKII - Dakika önce
i might be late but congrats on 10,000 subs man!
Daryl Dixon
Daryl Dixon - Dakika önce
Jablinski: I'm going to be bigger than PewDiePie
PewDiePie: *laughing*
Ujang Lorenzo
Ujang Lorenzo - Dakika önce
We made it to the real trending page
#1 In Indonesia
indonesian 9y.o army, where u at?
👇 indonesian 9y.o army!
Crash - Dakika önce
What? You never play tuber similader
bestvideosever !
bestvideosever ! - Dakika önce
Hahahahaha love u jackkkkkkk !!!!!!! Like if u agree
Hallie Has Animals
Hallie Has Animals - Dakika önce
I expected this to be cringey, but instead I'm laughing my ass off.