Taiwan Street Food - RAINBOW LOBSTER Cooked Two Ways 龙虾 / ロブスター / 랍스터

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Don Allwin
Don Allwin - 6 saatler önce
Lobster pain level 200%
djbashlive - Gün önce
Lobster : hey guys what’s for dinner .
Man : rips him in half
sh k
sh k - Gün önce
Raay Ali
Raay Ali - 2 gün önce
Poor lobster😑😭
Hùng Vlog
Hùng Vlog - 4 gün önce
Ngon quá nhỉ cho mình 1mieng nhé
KHAN DANI - 4 gün önce
I would just say "What the F**k" 😠
victor salas
victor salas - 5 gün önce
victor salas
victor salas - 5 gün önce
Masjoe HD
Masjoe HD - 5 gün önce
Kejam 😭😈
Siddharth shah
Siddharth shah - 6 gün önce
John Smith
John Smith - 7 gün önce
Go to hell you cruel bastard
André Luis Oliveira
André Luis Oliveira - 7 gün önce
Porque não mata primeiro e depois corta ? , squartejou e depois matou pra que isso
A L E XI S - 5 gün önce
Por las ( toxinas)
Brian Jones
Brian Jones - 7 gün önce
Is there really 12,000 vegans. Dident there were that many.
Jay Chen
Jay Chen - 7 gün önce
It is already a more than sustainable practice.
Throw the females and smaller ones back in the ocean.
More than enough to eat.
Lobsters reproduce like cockroaches in the sea.
muhammet kilic
muhammet kilic - 8 gün önce
There’s a saying in Turkish: be afraid of those who are not afraid of God.
This basically fits here. If you have, even the slightest of mercy within you, you wouldn’t cut the animal into pieces without actually killing first. Fucking cockroaches
Bhatt Hole
Bhatt Hole - 9 gün önce
5:56 Oatmeal and lobster.....mmmmmmm! Perfect combination!!!
Avanço é Direita
Avanço é Direita - 9 gün önce
Prefiro um churrasco de costela de boi!
Livius 239
Livius 239 - 9 gün önce
Can u please kill him directly cuz anyone don't like "suffering"
Bhatt Hole
Bhatt Hole - 9 gün önce
Many do.
kyolym - 10 gün önce
They look like giant water bugs how the fuck does anyone want to eat these things
Hollic McFly
Hollic McFly - 15 gün önce
Damn :o
Dark AZA
Dark AZA - 15 gün önce
Filho dá puta,,,,, tudo que se planta colhe
Ivan Quevedo
Ivan Quevedo - 15 gün önce
Ce cangrejo más colorido
Daniel Souza
Daniel Souza - 17 gün önce
O bicho ser comida é uma coisa agora matar a bichinha desse jeito é FDP ......
Sunaina Chabra
Sunaina Chabra - 18 gün önce
Animals enemy
bamtotheboogie bamtotheboogie
Now that's fresh
Mikail Çelik
Mikail Çelik - 24 gün önce
Biswarup Mondal
Biswarup Mondal - 24 gün önce
Bhul val cutting
Very baaaad
超级-塞ㄟ郎 - 24 gün önce
P.T. Chen
P.T. Chen - 26 gün önce
Veronica Flores
Veronica Flores - 29 gün önce
Ay diosito así de triste su vida la pobre langostita cuchilladas y mas cuchilladas y no para de moverse !! asta ami me dolió cuando leda la primera 😢😢😢 q crueles
Ih Rapaz!!
Ih Rapaz!! - Aylar önce
Rudy Love
Rudy Love - Aylar önce
At the end of life lobster will cut you and kill u the Sama and if i can help i'll do
ರಾಜ ಶಿವಾಜಿ
Animals respect their feed more
TVQH Vlogs
TVQH Vlogs - Aylar önce
I hope you can register a channel to help me Help me have motivation and budget to make videos My dream is to become a YouTuber Sincere thanks
شايل جروحي بروحي
ارحموا من في الارض
الناس دي قلبها حجر
الله ينتقم منكم
behrooz bayegan
behrooz bayegan - Aylar önce
وای چه قدر خوشمزه باید باشد
Camilahoot40 Hoot40
Camilahoot40 Hoot40 - Aylar önce
Sompoch Bunnag
Sompoch Bunnag - Aylar önce
吃一切,罪人。 坏男人 在动物世界缺乏同情心,爱情。 这些动物还活着 有一种像你这样的精神。 你是地狱动物......
Tony seer
Tony seer - Aylar önce
Ani nano Nanoani
Ani nano Nanoani - Aylar önce
aku nggak eroh koe ngomong opo??🤔🤔🤔
Donaria Miranda
Donaria Miranda - Aylar önce
Odin Thorsdad
Odin Thorsdad - Aylar önce
If we dont farm it, we shouldnt be allowed to profit from it.
pbrad08 - Aylar önce
Imagine having your eyebrows sliced off and then your body torn in half. All while you’re still alive.
14 year old furfag circlejerk edge lord
@Yuvraj Jaiswal but you wouldnt feel anything cuz lobsters dont feel pain
Yuvraj Jaiswal
Yuvraj Jaiswal - Aylar önce
That would be cruel 😢
Shahnawaz rafiya
Shahnawaz rafiya - Aylar önce
Pradeep Tiwari
Pradeep Tiwari - Aylar önce
Tongkat Ali-Activ Plus
Tongkat Ali-Activ Plus - Aylar önce
Covers his eyes before ripping lobster boy into half and showing it to his face. Nice..
Baria Doly
Baria Doly - Aylar önce
catching from south east sea , Philipine and VN seas. Mostly.
Md Badal Miah
Md Badal Miah - Aylar önce
Thank you sir
#clips 24
#clips 24 - Aylar önce
So,tell me what should i eat in that green leafs ,,we need only rice cereal vegetable curd some snacks crunchy thats enough full tummy after eating